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Thread: Southport home

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    We were poor and lost 1-0.

    If two huge chances had gone in second half and we'd won we'd all be buoyant. It's a game of fine margins.

    The players Todd brought in were on the whole, dreadful.

    Our new additions are in my opinion, quality.

    A few people behind the goal did boo at the FT whistle.

    Well done them.

    I stayed and clapped the players off as there was certainly no lack of effort.
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    I thought they were saying Boo-urns.

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    I know I was at the wrong end to know exactly what happened for their goal, but disappointed the ball was able to hit the woodwork so many times and not get cleared. The ball bounced around a lot in their box after the goal but they always seemed to win it.

    Southport are a horrible team to watch, constantly in the ref’s face after every challenge tell him what he should do and wasting time at every opportunity.

    I hope the new players are quality, I didn’t see anything better than what we’ve had sadly. For me, best performances were from Marlon and Josh, and Fab added some creativity when he can on. What’s happened to Maxwell, he was really involved v Leamington with some great close interplay, but I can remember him doing anything of note today.

    Really hope it is a matter of gelling or we are in trouble.

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    Well my hope of a new era was short lived. A lively first half hour then turgid stuff. We played all long ball and got nothing for it. If not for a few smart saves by Jeacock, we would have lost 2 or 3 nil.

    I was genuinely excited to see the new signings but every one had a quiet or poor game (the FGR lad was invisible, but the Villa one had a couple of nice touches). The only outfielder to come out with any credit was Marlon who toiled hard as ever.

    These players' CVs and YouTube videos show they have quality. But Rowe needs to get them playing in an effective system. And we didn't see any of that today. Our shape was awful. Marlon isolated. Wingers ineffective. McClure not in the game. Second to every loose ball.

    I predicted earlier we'd lose as our players haven't gelled yet. I thought we'd show a bit more than that though. Will certainly give it more time, but we need to find a settled system that works, and quick.

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    I thought the Villa loanee made a positive impact when he came on

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    It's easy to spend other people's money and bring players in. My worry is that you then need an amazing man manager and motivator to gel a team together quickly. From what I see JR doesn't seem to possess the character qualities to make the players want to go through brick walls for him.. be typical if we get relegated just as the stadium is finally happening.

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    I don't think AP was very happy at the end of the game. Fair play to Steve H having a chat with the 8 City fans in the bar after the game. Alferton Tuesday it is then and that is going to be difficult game due to the tragic events that have happend over the weekend.My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Jordon Sinnott and everyone associated with Alferton Town FC at this difficult time RIP Jordon
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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    People can follow stats on betting sites all they want (yes I know some people live a long way away), but it doesn't men you've seen the game.

    Goals win games, and they got one. We really should have scored in the second half, hitting the post from 5 yards (shot off target) and Fabs blazing over from 12 yards when totally unmarked. Dozens of balls, mostly long throws, into the box that got flicked on or nodded down, only to fall just wrong or be met with a shot that was blocked. I'm not sure if Bet365 register that as a shot tbh.

    I'm not for a second saying we played well. Pretty solid at the back despite losing a FB early on, tidyish in MF, but lacking cohesion in the final third.

    Personally, I have no doubt the players who have come in are class acts and if you'd watched them I think most would agree, and the likes of Fabs and Marlon are still as capable as they have been previously.

    I think the pressure mounting will only hinder them gelling as a team and improving, so I'll just keep supporting them, as freezing and depressing as today was.

    See you next Saturday
    Exactly that. Quite how a team of new players are supposed to gel in a matter of a few days is beyond me.

    Both bottom teams lost keep the faith in JR.

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    What a shitty day.

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    face up!!!! this is relegation form.

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