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Thread: Meadow Park - Starts Monday

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    Ps. Normally my footnote would be in the programme... but today that clearly couldn't be issued. We won't be making a big announcement about this back room changes.


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    Thanks for the update. Keep it up.

    As for the pitch, it’s probably in better condition than our last season at Whaddon Road

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    Thank you for the blog Alex, great to receive regular updates.

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    Yep, interesting read.

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    Thanks for the update,and the photos!

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    Thanks for the post and photos Alex! onwards and upwards

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    Thanks for the update! Certainly feels like an exciting time!

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    Blog updated. Thanks all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Petheram View Post
    Blog updated. Thanks all.

    Thanks Alex, so glad the function room is getting an overhaul, I never liked the way it was set up originally, it could feel packed with only a small number in there and if the bar was rammed you struggled to get through the door.

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    With the clubhouse are the interior stairs going to make it a bit bigger or had they already been filled in?

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