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Thread: Meadow Park - Starts Monday

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    Lightbulb Meadow Park - Starts Monday

    Just to confirm that works start at Meadow Park on Monday. I've had no end of calls this morning from BBC news, ITV news and BBC Radio Gloucester.

    The TV crews have asked if they can attend Monday morning to do a bit of filming and ask some questions. I've said yes and i'm hoping to be able to plug the 'buy a brick' and MP sponsorship

    I've also told them all that i'm not big on PR and media as a rule of thumb, as it normally just raise profiles for people to shoot at. 95% of the media around the club is now taken off the clubs website, with different media sources running there own spin on it. As my theory is simple, we need to release things ourselves and drive our own online and media presence. So to help with commutations with fans, as i'm trying to learn from my failings..... I've started a little blog on the main website. I'll try and keep that updated weekly.

    Thanks for sticking with us. It's happening!

    Tough game tomorrow, Darlo look very good, fingers crossed we can get something up there!

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    Oh and sorry Mim.... i won't be wearing a suit or even a jacket.... jean and jumper like normal ... But i will watch my P's and Q's I promise!


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    Thank you Alex.

    The club needs a quick and simple ‘customer journey’ for the ‘buy a brick’ process, if it’s just a few online clicks we could get lots of people with no association with the club choosing to ‘lend a hand’ if all they have to do is enter bank details and the message they want on the brick, rather than filling out a form.

    If this is possible, a picture of a brick (as simple as that may sound) onto which we can type our message and see how it would format might also help. Appreciate all this is easier to suggest than make happen.😊

    Also, Dave/Trev, any Trust money available to fund a CCTV camera to provide fans with a time lapse progress, assuming the club would allow this? Happy to contribute if it requires separate donations.

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    I wouldn't have a clue what it would cost tbh!

    Anyone else know?

    Not really necessary for me as I'm pitching a little gazebo over a deckchair on Sunday afternoon, and I'm going to sit and watch the progress until the turnstiles open for the opening game.

    Food parcels will be gratefully accepted.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    just do not turn up like Dale Vince!

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    The buy a brick is simple just email we're sold over a 100 already.

    A number of my sites have these time laps camera and I personally think they are a waste of time, money and effort... but i'll tell you what i tell my clients... if you pay for it you can do whatever you want, i can sort it no worries Soldi has an account with a couple of them. It would cost a couple of grand for the whole period, they have an install cost, monthly fee and then you pay to move and remove them. Personally i'd save your money and put it towards something the club needs and the fans would enjoy like a big TV in the bar. Dave let me know...


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    Hard to justify paying that.

    I'll take Polaroid every morning at sunrise and make a flick-book for 20 quid and a bottle of Vimto.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    i would spend the money on other things

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    We do have a chap coming in to do some film and take photos at different times... so that will hopefully help ... we'll release them once done...


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    Wanna few flags down there Monday?

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