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Thread: Happy New Year...

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    Happy New Year...

    Just a very quick message to wish you all 'Happy New Year'!

    Thank you all for your support in 2019.

    Fingers crossed we get a win tomorrow.


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    Thanks Alex. 2019 was a roller coaster. And an extraordinary ride with far more ups than downs. Who can say where we'll be this time next year but with your leadership it sure won't be in obscurity! Happy New Year.

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    Thanks AP, happy NY to all (Iím already in 2020) looking forward to seeing a few City games this year, one in Evesham and the other in meadow park! COYR&Y

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    Thanks both!

    Roller coaster sums it up for sure...

    I fully accept that i'm driven, blunt and determined .... yes, these can be my failings! But I've always got the bigger picture at heart and i hope I get more of the big decisions right then wrong! But i am looking forward to getting this club back to Meadow Park... and no, I've zero interest in naming the ground the Soldi stadium or having a Petheram stand... i'm driven yes, but egotistical not. But i will happily sell naming rights!

    Lets try and do great things in 2020... myself, Eamonn and Steve are committed and very united. I've been told by fans that i don't keep people updated very well... i refuse to talk and write just for the sake of it, but i'll try and improve by doing more regular updates, maybe by giving Isaac or Seven Sport better access like we did at the Boxing Day game... but as i rule of thumb, no news just means we've nothing to talk about.

    We're hoping to sign a couple of players in January, so keep a look out on Sky Sports come deadline day for any big movements

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    Happy New Year to you AP all at the club and all the those who follow the club.
    Looking forward to a much brighter 2020.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    Happy New Year to you AP all at the club and all the those who follow the club.
    Looking forward to a much brighter 2020.
    Well said, supporting City is never dull.
    Best wishes to all.

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    Thanks for the updates AP I feel the club is more secure in your hands than a lot of people in the past and a happy new year to you.

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    Happy New Year to u AP and everyone else involved at GCFC. Let’s get behind the team - the board - let’s get home to MP.

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    Thanks all... and for your words Young Allie. I've read a couple of things of late talking about how I run the club like a business and act like a director. I don't understand those sorts of comments, as the football club is a company... it's like i tell my own staff, that's a company number at the bottom not a charity number. If we don't start to treat the club as a business it will continue to lose a lot of money and I mean a lot! Eamonn, Steve and I pump is massive number each week just to get a team out.

    Meadow Park is happening, Eamonn and I have spent over a £1m combined thus far, the steel frames are in manufacture now, so people need to believe it. As i'm not for wasting money! On that note, i do find some of the comments funny, I accept in the past the club as had a number of leaks (wrong word, but get my drift) and people involved have spent budgets set by Eamonn and Chris Gabb (Chris was a great chap, did so much for this club). But that's all it was.... people spent other people money and that can only cause issues. For example my wife has a talent to go food shopping in Tesco, yet she buys a pair of shoes from the high street on my card on the way, that winds me up... Or I give my kids some money for the cinema, ask for change and they spend it on pop corn. Things like this is life, but it causes conflict. What the club now have is Eamonn, myself and Steve putting in our own cash and spending it on our own set budgets .... now, i've also read that people clearly know more then me regarding players and wages. These comments are just rude, no one should care how much anyone earns ever in life, but human nature and i guess competitiveness means everyone wants to know what everyone else has or earns. The bits written about Steve where out of line too!

    For the record the playing budget has not altered from what it was set at in pre-season to what it is today and it won't alter all season!! James is clearly spending it differently, but that's life... if i asked you all to meet me at the London Tower Bridge pub for a beer giving you £100 to cover the costs, some of you would go in the car via Oxford, some via the M4, others on the train, some by bus and you could even walk. Each route gets you to the end goal at the required time and we have that beer together. But all require different start times, incur different routes and cost different amounts to achieve the same goal. That's all James is doing now, the same budget spent differently.

    One thing i will also say is this... if anyone thinks they can do a better job then me, please feel free to buy me out. I'm not hear to build a CV, the Meadow Park build won't go on the Soldi website, I won't set up a twitter feed for it and drag out the PR, it will just be built, bit by bit. I hope it's ready for the start of the new season, but we've many a hurdle to overcome to achieve that.

    The second someone can do a better job then me and pump more cash into the club then me i'm gone. I'll then stand with my Dad and boys watching games. As a lot of you now know, my Dad attends games, but won't stand with me, as he doesn't like the comments written about me and doesn't want to listen to his son getting hassle... i find that sad, but i accept it. I'll happily become a fan, watching games with my sons, with my dad!

    See you at the game. Find me if you want a chat.

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    Happy New Year AP. Great post to start the year and great news about the new sponsors coming on board.

    As Yazz would say, The Only Way Is Up

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