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Thread: New Player On Loan

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    New Player On Loan

    Not sure what I think of this, out on the wing was the one position I thought we were looking quite strong. Ed Williams, Joe Parker, Zack Kotwica, Karnell Chambers, Edji Mbunga and now Adam Page.

    Welcome to the club though, hope he's part of a revival in results!
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    This signing seems daft. Completely unproven player, in a position we don't need to fill. If we were looking for a winger surely Luke Thomas would have been the priority.

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    makes sense left footer we were short with Lewis and out and looked unbalanced on the LH side ,

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    Luke was CM and hopefully this post has got rid of Steve Crouch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    Luke was CM
    Luke was definitely a winger...

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    We are desperately short of left footed players, both for balance and for set piece delivery.

    Heard good things about him, so I hope his arrival kick starts our season.

    Welcome Adam!
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    Sort out the defense, KT back in his proper position, playing three centre backs has not worked, re the results!

    On Sat, Weston had a field day down their left hand side and the right as well, especially in the second half!

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    Played one game for us a couple of years ago at Tamworth when Jas was suspended. Remember him clawing out a wayward back pass from Billy Jones in the first minute of the game.

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    Not sure about the winger but glad to see a goalkeeper come in. Good luck to both.

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