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Thread: Chris Knowles

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    Chris Knowles

    Has left the club,thanks for your service Chris, guess this means that new midfielder is imminent.

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    Was expecting this, great player who will show his quality elsewhere, hopefully not against us! We must have someone special lined up if we've released Chris (also starting to look short on numbers).

    Where's JMW?

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    He's still injured.

    Thanks for everything Chris. Always gave it everything, and the best headerer (is that a word?) that we've had for a long time.

    Good luck!
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    Very strange when we are short on numbers. Who is next to go Hanksy Spence, Avery. seem to remember a certain Chris Todd doing the same realizing players

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    Thanks Chris, all the best!

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    Sad to see Knowlsey go, shame- had hoped he might join the management team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CityGull View Post
    Sad to see Knowlsey go, shame- had hoped he might join the management team.
    In the future........who Knowles?

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    Agreed, sad to see you go Chris - all the best for the future.

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    All the best for the future Chris, one of my favourites, boy could you jump and head a ball.

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    Good luck Chris. One of my favourite ever City players (unlikely pick). Knowles in his prime at Whaddon was a class act. Him and Webby used to boss the pitch, and as others have said, an amazing headerer (I say that is a word!). Thanks for your efforts.

    Whilst Chris was clearly past his best, he will certainly need replacing as our squad is so shallow.

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