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Thread: Kettering Saturday

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    Kettering Saturday

    I've just remembered the message I was supposed to pass on through this forum, as requested by Norman the club secretary when I spoke to him last week at the BPA debacle.

    Because of building works and sodden ground car parking capacity will significantly reduced so if you're driving either get here early (and take advantage of the wide range of beveridges on offer in the warm clubhouse) or alternatively take the main road into Evesham and take the first right into the housing estate where there is plenty of off road parking. I say estate, more like a collection of high priced houses with twitching curtains.

    For any Kettering fans intending to make the journey down, may I suggest a visit to the Abbey in Evesham, and the town area around it. This is where Simon de Montford met his death at the hands of Edward I's army in what many consider to be the first English Civil War. Personally I consider that Matilda's uprising against King Stephen was the first but I can't be sure as a) I wasn't alive then and b) I sometimes talk out my arse. But for history buffs (is there any other sort of buff?) then it's a must.

    When you return to the upper West Midlands later that evening it might well give a point to a pointless journey, unless you're a buddhist.

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    Upper West Midlands!? Northamptonshire is in the East Mids!

    Very much looking forward to this game, Iíve watched Kettering a number of times and itíll be great to welcome Paul White back!

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    I read a book about Kettering and Gazza when I was on holiday. It was terrible. Worst book I've ever read.

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    Apologies Charlie I had the map the wrong way around.

    I have also been contacted by the Drive Aware Campaign and wanted to clarify that I meant the passengers could get slaughtered, the drivers can stick to Pepsi.

    Neil the Club Secretary has sent me a PM reminding me that his name is Nathaniel not Norman

    The Thistledown Residents Association have emailed me to thank me for the comment about their house prices and advise me that the road is actually a crescent, and no vehicles without personal registration plates are welcome, I responded in the affirmative with a photo of my plate 'U TWAT'

    The Simon de Montford Society got in touch to tell me that their hero didn't deserve to lose, they had a clear offside kill disallowed, and that the referee was a wanker. I reminded them that SdM had a clear escape route from the advancing royalist army to the south over the River Avon, but decided to park the bus around the Abbey and hang on for an away point.

    A member of the Kettering Crew has told me that they will answer my post on the pitch, and maybe off it.

    The Buddhists wished me well

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    I’ve just got back from Evesham after putting the flags up. Pitch will be fine once it’s thawed out which is doing as I was there.

    Oh if you like VW camper vans I’d get over there as theirs dozens of them occupying the car park for some sort of rally...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    I read a book about Kettering and Gazza when I was on holiday. It was terrible. Worst book I've ever read.
    I thought it was a very good read that read it ages ago.

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    Well that turned out OK in the end, and could be a very important equaliser come season's end if you are more inclined to be looking down the table than up. Fabien seemed destined to be coming off for some time before he scored, at one point I heard him tell the bench that he couldn't run. Good job that he could head.

    Their equaliser was disappointing in that both me and my daughter could see two in the wall was never going to be enough and the taker had the choice of either side of the goal to aim at, basic error. Shame also because we came out of the blocks very well second half after conceding a stonewall penalty goal right at the end of the first.

    Senior Junior looked decent at left back, well taken goal, Daily gets stronger weekly/weakly, Marlon put himself about all over the pitch today maybe guilty of overplaying from time to time but made things happen, Sam got caught out for pace a few times early on but to his credit stepped up his game as the match wore on.

    Not bad numbers from Kettering, considering their position in the league. Safe journey back.

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    1 point nearer the magic 50,Did we play with 3 central defenders and two full backs?, Seems to be the case with the line up,good debut for the new LB with a goal and MOM.

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    Good game. Much better than that book!

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    Yes I quite enjoyed the game too, maybe not if we had lost though. I might come back for another one.

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