Not sure yet what the parking arrangements will be for this one, as no one asked me to put anything on the forum this time out. I would be surprised if the parking area to the right of the ground is available as they are building houses on it, and I would hope that we aren't still in Evesham in 20 years time when they knock them down.

Chances are I won't need to worry about parking anyway as I am having major surgery this week and if I do make it off the operating table I am likely to be housebound for many months and even then I may never be able to walk again let alone drive.

I noticed that my suggestion to park in Thistledown was well taken up yesterday, and I read with some amusement this entry in the letters page of the Evesham Chronicle this morning from a Mrs. Felcher

"Yesterday at about half two I peered out of the window to check whether my neighbour had got round to polishing their grass and was met with what appeared like a zombie apocolypse unfolding before my distressed eyes. I ordered Mr Felcher to bury the silver in the back garden while I hid under the bed. I only came out after the dogs had stopped barking and the Cash in the Attic omnibus started but lo and behold the march of the undead resumed about five. Some of them even had vehicles more than 5 years old. Mrs Turpin over the road phoned me to tell me her Dick had taken a funny turn so I called the Council who a) failed to bring police to arrest the outsiders b) refused to issue a road closure order for Thistledown and c) claimed they were unable to provide medical assistance and palmed me off to the ambulance service. I don't know what I pay my Council Tax for, I even ended up having to hose down the pavements outside of my 4 bedroom detached with off street parking to get rid of the foulage. IT IS A DISGRACE!!!!!!"

So can I suggest you all park again in Thistledown, and spread the word to the Linnets as well.