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Thread: Liam Daly signs

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    Liam Daly signs

    Welcome to Gloucester City Liam Daly

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    Incredible signing, fair play.

    Most certainly building a squad for promotion here...

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    We’ll piss this tinpot league

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    It’s gonna take a while to get over how Mike Cook and the lads left in such dubious circumstances and everything else that’s happened but bloody hell that’s some signing

    Well done Mr Rowe

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    Fair play good signing.

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    Exciting times ahead well done Alex and James.

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    Anything to say gentleman from the 1st Rifles.

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    Good signing, nice to see a bit of experience coming in.

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    As Iíve always said, Alex is a top bloke

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    Fair play Tigermatty, that made me smile.

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