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Thread: Mike Cook

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    And hosky it seems

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    Just when I thought we were heading for a nice, peaceful and uneventful Christmas!
    Cookie could do no wrong so really baffled by this!

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    What a mess. I for one wasn't overly excited when Mike and Hosky got the job, but they quickly proved themselves by turning our season around with some gritty performances. A few quality signings over the summer and some good loan additions and things were looking positive. And now this...

    I wonder what the cause is? Hopefully it's just work commitments and travelling issues, but a few statements and whispers seem to suggest it's a bit more sinister than that.

    I wonder who'd have been managing at Alfreton today if the game had gone ahead?

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    Without knowing all the facts on what has happened, would like to thank Mike and Andy for the work they have done. Marc McGregor was brought into the Coaching set-up, could he take over. A Highly thought of up and coming Coach at Weston.

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    This would not be City without a drama !!!!

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    Perplexed by the decision and minimal statement. You can’t release such major news without an explanation or timescale of when an explanation will be provided.

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    Why are we surprised, good news is usually followed closely by bad news with GCAFC!

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    Easty "I'm sure everyone knows why" on twitter, not judging by this thread

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    Will be interesting to read what he has said to Gloucestershire Live tomorrow that's for certain.

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    with Mike and Hosky gone the best duo we have had for many a year!!! Who will be the next manager interim and permanent (or not) Has Marc McGregor gone also??

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