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Thread: Mike Cook

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeadowClark View Post
    We’ve been ‘inundated’ in the past and ended up with Chris Todd.
    I remember most people being happy with Todd’s appointment.
    Why Beadle would be interested after being overlooked the two times is beyond me, the stroud journal also says Ricco is a front runner which shows that they haven’t researched at all.

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    Just thought it was worth pointing out that getting tons of applications doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work out, if we’ve even been inundated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
    MORE NEWS!!!

    (Don't get too excited...)
    Great attempt at covering up the fact that the VC has stepped down (wonder why?) and also I notice Rob Ellis’s name no longer appears on the website who’s who page.

    Oh dear.

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    Reading that it is all to do with the future

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    Given Alex has said we are likely to have someone in place before Saturday's game I think it is fair to say someone was likely to have been lined up already given it would take longer than that to get applications in and then interview them. He says he wants experience and then the man heavily linked for the job hasn't even managed a team before.

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    We had a perfectly good,likeable and capable manager in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Tango View Post
    We had a perfectly good,likeable and capable manager in the first place.
    Got to agree with that, Cooky and Hosky were doing a fantastic job. Sacked purely because of one man's ego.

    But hey, he's building a ground so it seems as fans we just have to put up with it.

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    Eagerly awaiting the Trust statement but I understand if Alex is currently too busy to write it

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    It seems there would have been a change at the end of the season why not do it now

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