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    Sorry GDE but a bit of a reality check needed. Even when we finally return home attendances won't improve that much as CTFC & FGR are both well established League 2 sides (and doing well at the moment). Unless City can get promotion to their level & bring fans back after years in exile then we have to be realstic over our fan base.

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    Agree Oldboy it will be an uphill struggle but our attendances will increase when we come home, to what is anybodies guess, i was just highlighting that FGR top of div 2 could only muster just under 1,000 for a local derby, we used to take more than that in the southern premier. As people say most of those come from Gloucester area

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    They haven't once cracked 1,000 at Whaddon Road yet (although their allocation was less than 1,000 last season). It's still around half of their original home crowd though, and with idiots on both sides beginning to treat it as a low-budget Green Street, I'm not surprised some of their more timid fans don't make the trip across.

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    low-budget Green Street? what do you mean by this?

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    20 16 year olds mobbed up at 8am There's keen and then theres the FGR Vegan Extinction Rebellion Krew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    low-budget Green Street? what do you mean by this?
    I mean a bunch of kids thinking a game of football between two clubs who previously got on well is the perfect time to kick off in town and generally make the place unbearable.

    Couple that with the fact that when the likes of Millwall, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Cardiff or even Hereford come to town these kids are, unsurprisingly, nowhere to be seen.

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    Thanks idiots

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    Thanks idiots
    You can't call Dom and Si that

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    Not Dom and Si, Si for a CTFC fan has some very relevant and interesting posts to me he is always welcome on our COF or at City any time

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    I only come on here for the free money every couple of years

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