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Thread: Spennymoor Coach Sat 26th October

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Get some more kids in on loan.
    The only answer is to strengthen up now, Cookie should read the riot act to some of these players it doesn't matter how good these players are or think they are the're no good to the club sat in the stand suspended.I know the officials are crap at this level but it can't be them all the time.

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    Most of the players that have come in on loan have been extremely good. Harper has been outstanding, Russe superb in the middle and Jeacock a fantastic presence in goal. When have we ever had a England U-19 International playing for us? Both Harrison and Harvey Smith have looked composed at the back, sadly injuries have played a big part recently. Not sure what the situation is with Jamie Bremner, he hasn't featured at all. I rate Alex Hainault so was surprised to see him drop down to Lydney on dual reg, Kieran Smith likewise. We have a relatively large squad so it's the management decision to only have three on the bench.

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    Injuries cannot be avoided in sport but sending offs can. We have had five this season already but only one to teams playing against us which is going to leave us with a weakened team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Joly's Publicist View Post
    When have we ever had a England U-19 International playing for us? .
    Not an England U19, but I believe that Michael Oakes was an England U21 - played for us in 1992-3 on loan from Aston Villa
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    Just watched the 'highlights' on the official site - looks like we didn't turn up at all. The video shows only two shots by City - a Hanks free kick and Vinnie's goal.

    Can't argue about the sendings off. JM-W gets booked for a clumsy challenge and then obviously says something to the ref, second booking and off. ZK sent off for foot up to head height - lucky it didn't spark a major fight.

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    Granted I wasn’t there but according to the NLP two of our players were rated at 3.
    I have never seen before such low ratings especially as one was our loan keeper!
    Were we really that bad?

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