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Thread: Ball Number 18

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    Let us be fair they are likely to either have barely fit players on the pitch or at least one goal keeper playing outfield. We should be winning this tonight and if we don't then it will be a massive chance missed.

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    How many clubs have 3 keepers at this level....

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    I would not trust a single thing in their team news

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    Nor me.

    Pleased with that draw.

    With Saturdays ruled out due to family football I had hoped to make a rare excursion to the Jubilee tonight - but football conspires against me even on a Monday. The spare trains with the Gloucestershire Academy on Monday nights, so Mrs S goes out of County while I remain here with the heir, who badly broke his ankle against Ellwood on Saturday. He is in bed in plaster and awaiting an operation this week to bolt his bones back together!

    For those of you who play football at Brockworth on Friday, I'm talking about Sam.

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    Well they have 3 keepers as one is in goal and 2 more are on the bench.

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    For those who doubted their team news it is basically as they put in that piece. The two players have seemingly passed their fitness test and the injured assistant is on the bench but that makes sense as he can then walk the whole touchline if needed.

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    Lost 3-1. We really don't like cup games do we?

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    A great chance ruined. They had 14 fit players including 3 keepers one of which ended up on the pitch and they had to play a central defender up front. That was a game to be won tonight and we should have done so easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeadowClark View Post
    Considering Whitby’s injuries, travel and missing players through work plus the demoralising draw for them Saturday and then this draw - we’ve got a massive chance.
    Just for a second there I forgot we are Gloucester City.

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    We were poor but didn't start playing until the last twenty or so but my God those officials were abysmal. Whitby made a meal of every kind of touch and the ref awards then everything. Was embarrassing to watch.

    Thomas for me was never a red but unsurprisingly he was given his marching orders. Their player dives in second half far worse than that incident yet escapes with a yellow.

    It's the utterly ridiculous lack of consistency, even if it's shite, that let's these officials down at this level.

    We have the ball, a Whitby player takes out Spencer. Should be a free kick to us but he gives it as a drop ball?!we are all over then at this point.

    Whitby have a man down with cramp who gets up and then before we know it, rather than playing it back to Tom King in goal they pass it down the wing, go on the attack and score. Absolute shit houses.

    Their first goal it seemed like the bloke went straight through our keeper who ended up limping off the field and taken to A&E.

    That game felt just like the Hereford one where the ref and his useless linesmen ruined the game.

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