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Thread: Guiseley Home

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    Thanks for the Twitter commentary Isaac. Great coverage and great result!

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    Mike Cook & Marlon Jackson post match interview ��

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    Thanks Isaac and also for adding the score on each tweet as it really helps when only have time to glimpse at twitter.

    Marlon must be averaging a goal a game taking into account hes been injured for some of the 12 games.

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    Well deserved result after being caught cold at the start of the match yet again.

    Another poor performance from the officials - the ref didn’t see the head butt - he was looking elsewhere when it happened - just as well his useless assistant did! None of the officials saw the bite - luckily the ref bottled it following the retaliatory tackle, which in my opinion warranted a red, rather than the yellow that MJ received.

    Overall I thought that, apart from the first ten minutes, our visitors didn’t really offer much threat - I don’t think Zach had a serious save to make in the entire match.

    Three good goals against a poor visiting keeper, who got caught in possession at least twice. Probably should have had another two goals - Hanksy’s header against the bar and Joe P’s screamer that hit the post.

    Results move us up to eleventh - one of only two teams in the top half to have a negative goal difference.

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    Thought the cross by Zack Kotwica for our second goal was just perfect

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    I agree with Dr Bob and Kingo we could have won by a margin of 4-5 had it not been for the woodwork. We are playing excellent football ( much of it down to the coaching staff plus their ability to bring in seasoned professionals MJ etc who are not kids learning their trade with no disrespect to them) which has enabled us to compete.
    As I have said on previous threads Marlon does what he does and scores what a huge signing. It’s a big team effort but with the likes on Vincent Harper and Luke Russe giving their all I personally am very pleased with the result. Well done City against a top 5 side.

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    Well I enjoyed that, two good footballing sides.
    From behind the other goal it was difficult to see how our keeper was beaten from 30 yards, that said we knuckled down and took the game to them. I thought their keeper kept them in it first half with some fine saves.
    The sending off was helpful for us but not IMO the turning point of the game, it was our desire to score, Zac chasing lost causes, Joe P running his socks off, Luke and Knowsley running midfield, Hanksy his usual best, Marlon doing what he does.
    Eleventh in the league as it stands.
    Keep it quiet but we are chugging along quite nicely.
    My MOM Vincent....we need to keep him..quality.

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    Excellent performance today. Even before the red card.

    Everyone did well, with standout performances for Marlon, Vinnie, and Russe. Hopefully we can keep the latter 2 for the season. Interesting scenario with Harrison playing well , but with Spencer and Sam fit too. Good selection headache to have.

    Keep playing like that, get the three injuries back, and we can beat anyone.

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    Also - on the off chance the Guiseley fan who gave me an earful after the red card saying that we'd be relegated and we'd never beat Guiseley is reading this - I hope you enjoyed the second half and the long journey home. Good luck for the season.

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