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Thread: FA Cup draw

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    FA Cup draw

    A quick reminder that the draw for the 3rd qualifying round will be made today live on talk sport 2 at 1:30

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    We have ended up in the Northern part of the draw and chances are we are going to end up with a very tough game given the teams in that part of the draw. Can't remember us ever being in the northern part of an FA Cup draw before

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    We're Ball 33 in the Northern 'half' of the draw

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    Away at Whitby - at least it's a trip to the seaside

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    That is a very tough draw. They are 2nd in the league and only lost once all season as well as being a mammoth trip

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    At least we will be nearer to Gateshead for the following week. Loads of camp sites nearby.

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    weekend in scarborough someone taking the p--s.

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    I thought we were southern?!!

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    The FA really are having a laugh at our expense.

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