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Thread: The Fleece

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    Spoke to AP a few weeks ago and he is very positive about returning home lets hope the city gets behind the club
    Iíll get slated on twitter again for this and no doubt receive the usual flurry of WhatsApp messages, but Iím beyond giving a shit, because when I imagined the big commercial sponsorship drive for the homecoming season I didnít envisage it looking like something knocked up in Microsoft word to be pinned up in the window of the local corner shop. There are/were people at this club who can do a better job than this surely? This is meant to be the big selling document, if this was a task on the apprentice then lord sugar would be giving it the finger. Weak effort, especially considering the club used a marketing company to do the photos and videos preseason but somehow this wasnít deemed to be a better use of those resources?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pims manager again View Post
    needs a top person in their field.
    Beg to differ Pims, it needs a top team, not an individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigermatty View Post
    Beg to differ Pims, it needs a top team, not an individual.
    Not often we agree TM but you are absolutely right. This cannot be another role an existing board member or club official takes on alone. There need some to be a commercial group of individuals whether from a company who does this sort of thing or a full time commercial official to get the best out of our City.

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