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Thread: Kings Lynn away coach 14th Sept.

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    Sadly, despite some generous offers of donations, this one won't be running. Anyone now planning to drive who have room in their car, there are people who are eager to chip in for fuel and jump in, so post on this thread if you can.
    I'm setting off walking now, as I've got a better chance than my knackered old Zafira of making it!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    I did King's Lynn away the year we won the Midland Division Championship. I remember little of the journey save the radio blasting out Kon Kan in blistering heat as we travelled on the last day of the season to watch the newly crowned Champions, our City. It was a real party atmosphere, Russ Abbott would have loved it, and Geoff Hester was so pleased that he filled up the trophy with 2 pints of Toby and passed it around the fans to celebrate. The fans included some without toothbrushes, and I am afraid to say that I quaffed in that dirty bowl, as I could never turn down free booze. Especially since I was sat next to Goughie all the way home.

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    I've decided to drive on Saturday as I've never been before. I have 1 seat left in my car if anybody wants to jump in... If your interested drop me a private message or reply back on here. Cheers.

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