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Thread: Telford this evening

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    Telford this evening

    Half time: Telford 1 - City 2

    Went 2-0 up in less than 20 minutes before Telford pulled one back. We actually scored in second minute according to my source - that's a change instead of conceding in the first few minutes.

    Lets hope we can complete the job now.


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    So far so good! Wish I was there.

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    2-0 and we fucked it up!

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    Cookie got to get that defence sorted got the worst goals against in the whole league.

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    Whose this Johnstone who came on as a sub.

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    Well the first 25 minutes we were superb, scored two excellent goals and were coasting running the opposition off the park.
    We then gave a needless free kick 25 yards out and they scored a decent goal.
    Still winning at half time..happy days.
    Second half we hit the self destruct button, gifted them a goal when our loanee number 4 headed over our own keeper allowing an easy goal.
    Our new keeper isnít the tallest and struggled against Telfords Ď forwards.
    Our third was almost a consolation.
    Hanksy MOM by some distance, not Vincent Harperís best game by any means, Josh Thomas had a decent game , Big Sam was caught wanting on numerous occasions.
    Game management is our Achilles heal at the moment, we have scored five goals in two games but have failed to win either, sadly conceding seven!
    Not good.
    Decent away support in a lovely ground and a super pitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    Whose this Johnstone who came on as a sub.
    Listed on the Official site - 19 year old from Hartpury.

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    Hard to tell from a still shot, as it might have later. More to the point, how an earth can the lino tell from there?!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Very disappointing result - sounds as though 4-2 would have been a better reflection of the match.

    Why can't we keep a lead?

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