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    Our thoughts go out to all the supporters and employees of Bury FC, it is times like this that you thank that we have owners like EMc AP etc.

    It seems that there a number of other clubs that are close to being in a similar position

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    Agreed, brings back memories of when we nearly went under in the late 90ís but luckily it didnít finish us.
    The owner of Bury did an interview and literally didnít give a s@$t, he was so arrogant towards the fans and gave saying things like ď I didnít even know Bury had a football clubĒ before I came.
    For me the most important thing is that a club exists is sustainable and has some hope of doing well.
    A fan of a football team will have the same feeling when his/her team score irrelevant if that team is top of the premier league or bottom of the Helenic league.
    I hope they form a new club and do what Hereford did so the fans can get behind the team again.
    Good luck Bury

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    A sad state of affairs- Bolton might be next. Burys demise takes 150 jobs with it! If Bolton go under lord knows how many people they employ .

    Its on a different scale I know but apart from the playing staff and Cookie etc we as far as I am aware don’t employ anyone. It just goes to show imo what a fantastic club we have almost everything done voluntarily- amazing.

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    [QUOTE=Gladfans;16491]A sad state of affairs- Bolton might be next. Burys demise takes 150 jobs with it! If Bolton go under lord knows how many people they employ .

    I saw a fan saying his brothers ashes were between the goal posts and he felt like they were together watching the game as they used too from the terraces.
    Hopefully they can form a new club playing at Gigg lane so he can still watch them.

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    People blaming the current owner but from what I can tell Bury were in big trouble anyway. The EFL had no choice to chuck them out and they cheated their way to promotion last season. Obviously harsh on fans and staff, but it was the only choice the EFL had. The FA will have an interesting choice to make regarding where to place a reformed Bury next season and it would seem only one team will drop out of the FL this season. I'm guessing it will also mean one team gets a bye in the 1st Round of the FA Cup so would be a good year to get there. Granted there will be 62 teams in the pot, but at least it would be a chance of a free pass to round 2.

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    Cheltenham will get it.

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    Have some sympathy for the supporters but as Darran says it seemed to be overlooked that they had managed to get promoted despite not paying players for months on end. The EFL had no choice as extending another deadline would have made it a bigger farce then the whole thing already was.

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    Some valid points, the ex chairman racked up 14 million worth of debt and instead of cutting back they went for promotion which Iím sure the Bury fans enjoyed.
    Time and time again football club owners try to be popular with the fans forgetting the posible consequences ( Keith Gardener ) springs to mind.
    The vast majority of football fans can take the truth as long as it means having a club to take their kids, Grankids too etc....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Cheltenham will get it.
    Donít forget Forest green, one of the two.

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