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Thread: City v Boston

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbob View Post
    What about AH?
    Sorry Bob how remiss of me.

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    Quote: "Can imagine going to Evesham will be a bit of a culture shock though" - perhaps one of the best statements ever in recent times

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    Well that was comfortable. Boston were poor, gave us far too much time and space, and we exploited that mixing the game up with possession and through balls to our pacy front 2. Good to see Joey back on his game and credit to ZC for charging down the ball chasing down and playing it simple for JP number 3. The boy Harper looks a good footballer at LB but perhaps needs to watch his position from t to t. Mrs S said that Luke Rousse was a bit anonymous today, but I think he just went quietly and ably about his job.

    Crowd looked nowhere near 300+ to me, although it was swelled by one extra with Dr. Bob unusually not away on holiday somewhere. From a personal point of view over the past 4 months I have a 100% home record watching City with an average of three goals scored for the Tigers.

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    "Mrs S said that Luke Rousse was a bit anonymous today, but I think he just went quietly and ably about his job." I hate to disagree with a lady but definitely with you on that Shandy. I wouldn't mind betting he had more touches and covered more ground than anyone on the park.

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    I agree with you Luke, you're the White Kante. Keep up the good work, and I'll have a quiet word with my lady

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    any highlights? OS is still showing the Kiddy game.

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    Highlights on the site are via the National League's video player. It gets updated when they do basically.

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    Thought we were superb on Saturday, nervy opening few minutes (seems to be a recurring theme recently) but once we went ahead we never looked like losing the game. Zack and Joe worked tirelessly upfront and Fabien's skill and through balls were a cut above. Was difficult to think of a MOM as the entire team played so well. Whilst Boston will bemoan missing several players, it's important to remember that we had Marlon Jackson, Jake Jackson and Jennison Myrie-Williams all out plus others still playing through the pain barrier. Bodes well for the future. My most underrated player of the season so far has to be Josh Thomas. He's been really impressive.

    Poor attendance however, Boston probably had 60 of that.

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    Looks like Boston are better than they appeared on Saturday - they put five past Alty today

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