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Thread: city full time

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    city full time

    The city needs to get behind the team, we have a management team that are ambitious so we should back them

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    Well I will reply GDE - the reality is in order to compete we must progress ( but letís not run before we can walk though) .since we have been in exile every season has been one of not being relegated. We are now up against full time sides and it would appear ( I was not there) that Chester were much better than us. ( can u expect players with a daytime job often very manual to compete ) I except that u can look at a seasons fixtures and safely predict what games you are going to get nothing from so do we full-fill our fixtures or aim for something better.
    Imo the article implies that not only Fabian but Marlon and Ten are virtually full time employees and in order to attract better players this is the way we must go.
    That said we do NOT want any boom or bust affair as we ( and many others we can think of) have found to our cost almost ruination.
    Billericay have shown over the years that throwing hundreds of thousands of pounds at it does not guarantee success.
    Iím sure AP and others will not let this happen.

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    Interesting move. I would say at this level it doesn't really matter too much and you do get the odd part time team doing well in the league above as well, but if we were to get promoted a move to full time would be needed. The 3 mornings a week does seem to be happening at more and more clubs and I know Dulwich have gone down this route this season.

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    We can't even think of full time while playing at Evesham, get us back to Gloucester in a decent stadium with a decent team and we will compete.

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    This is an odd story talking years into the future when we need to be focussing on the present. The #1 task remains getting home.

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    For me this thread is remarkable, mainly because the family Green are in unison in opinion. Normally. at one end of the scale you've got Joe. While not part of the Prozac Gang, he is almost apologetic when breathing, is always charitable in his views, and although he cannot spell the word 'optimistic' he is certain he can spell every other word in the dictionary.

    Then there's pa Green, the lovechild of Waldorf and Stadtler. Shoots from the hip, sometimes straight down into his own foot. Wouldn't be able to find the word negative in a dictionary because why does he need a dictionary he's done OK in life kids don't need education just a kick up the arse etc. A good man to have in the trenches with you, while Joe goes off to make a cup of tea for everyone and organises biscuits.

    And in sharing their opinion I will be joining the Green family for the day, so Ken please bring me my pocket money later on.

    As that sensible one out of The Damned once said, you have to have a dream - true - but all steam forward for project stadium I says. This article is perhaps nothing more than a chat over a cup of coffee, and a stream of consciousness from our uberambitious joint #1. Nothing wrong with it, profile in the local e-rag, and keeps us all moist.

    Only 7 days until September.

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    It's very easy when speaking to journalists for a question to be dropped into the conversation, and your brief answer is transformed into the whole article, like you've been dying to get it off your chest. Not saying that's happened here, in fact I've no idea, but I suspect that's far more likely than AP camping in the reporters garden for a week itching to tell him we may possibly look at FT options when we're settled back in Gloucester and threatening promotion?!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    It must be the Holy grail to go full time and compete with the big boys, let’s get back to MP in a fit for purpose stadium , not be in the relegation zone .
    Then finances permitting (if we haven’t blown the budget on the new build) we can look to the future.I have to say that our present joint Chairman along with our board of directors are the crew to do it.

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    When you take into account we won't be paying rent anymore and (possibly) will have higher attendances on average than we're used to, going full time might be feasible financially when you take into account all the financial restrictions finally being lifted.

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    How does the hybrid mode work?

    Im sure there will be extra costs involved which are not there in in a rented ground.

    I agree with Gladfans though that it should never be boom or bust, I hope we always live within our means and donít have to re live our time from the late 90s,exciting times either way!

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