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Thread: Hereford

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    Jake Jackson sent off. Stupid indiscipline will cost us.

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    Thought I might as well post now whilst the car park is jammed.

    What promised to be a great game was spoilt by the referee and not being able to control a derby game and atmosphere although maybe I’m being biased.

    To be fair I thought he made terrible decisions for both sides. I can only assume Jake reacted to something to get his red card?

    The second red card really killed the game although we were really unlucky not to equalise just before the penalty.

    Not sure how Hereford fans will feel about their performance as even against 9 men they struggled to kill the game off and defensively we still look fairly solid and restricted them to half chance. Reminded me of our 1-0 win against East Thurrock last season when they had two players sent off.

    Move on to Saturday and hopefully put things right.

    Does anybody know if the suspensions kick in straightaway?

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    The two red cards have killed us there, both avoidable as well so we’ve let ourselves down tonight. We matched them 11 v 11 and were still in the game for most of it, so it feels like we could’ve got something today. Referee didn’t have a good game today, even if both reds looked correct.

    Impressed with the new signings and bodes well.

    Disappointing reaction from Robert after being sent off though, he doesn’t need to do all that.

    Great turnout from both sets of fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darran View Post
    Hereford been very well backed today and are now odds on to win tonight. Suggest the Asian markets will be the reason for that.
    Presumably the ref had some good odds on Hereford - he was wearing black shorts and socks like the Bulls

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    Embarrassing performance from the ref tonight and his invisible assistants. Jake Jackson gets cleaned out and reacts badly, stupid kick out. Yellow probably, red possibly as seen them given. However a Hereford player stamps on him. Another then grabs him by the throat. Jackson off... Yellow for Hereford and nothing for the other. Ridiculous.

    Throughout the game the ref gave them weak free kick after another, he seemed to even this up in the second half as he gave us two free kicks for next to nothing. But then gave more advantage to Hereford when their Keeper theatrically fell to the floor with no contact and he ran 20 yards to book a completely bemused Spencer Hamilton.

    Fabien second yellow was harsh, he caught him but he's already on a yellow and its a Derby. Have a word with him, next offence your off. Nope he couldn't wait to pull out that red card again. Shambolic.

    We matched Hereford even when down to ten, they were nothing special at all and had we actually kept 11 on the field we would have got the job done I reckon. Typical boring Ricco safety first, football. Good luck to them with that.

    Finally, Keiron Thomas scored and didn't celebrate. Fair play. Owen-Evans on the other hand, that floppy haired twat is gonna get some abuse at the away game.

    As for the pen that ultimately sealed the win, we could see it was a dive from our end. Shocking.
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    Disappointing anti-climax. A good turn out ruined by poor refereeing and our own indiscipline. Both red cards were correct I think, although agree he could have given Fab a final warning.

    Considering the situation I thought we performed well enough and didn't embarrass ourselves. Well done to Hereford but I didn't think too much of them really.

    Not sure how Zack missed that sitter first half. Also, please can Hanksy go back to trying to curl free kicks into the top corner like 4 seasons back rather than lacing them into the wall?

    I was impressed by Vincent at left back. Jeacock too. No real bad performances out there. I think we have the quality we need to be competitive. Just need to be a bit more streetwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    Just need to be a bit more streetwise.
    That’s been a big problem of ours for years. Cookie is saying in his interview tonight that the lad made the most of the Robert challenge, I wish we’d make the most of stuff like that! Harper had a good chance to make a meal of a challenge just after our first red and Hereford lad only got a yellow, wasn’t a red card tackle but if you make the most of it and then crowd the officials it makes them think. It’s not right but it’s true.

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    Meadow Clark and Joe are spot on,two pieces of indiscipline cost us really, both looked a bit harsh but Fabian’s ought to have known better than to tackle as he did for his second yellow with a ref who was handing out cards like confetti.
    Even with Nine men we created chances, just goes to show Zac missing his sitter was costly.
    beaten by a well marshalled Hereford side who never outplayed us or overran us even down to nine.
    Excellent support, well behaved a great advert for non league football.
    We will be alright this season.

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    I'm blaming Easty for Fab getting sent off given he said he would! Sounds like a frustrating evening all round.

    I think suspensions don't kick in straight away so they should both be able to play on Saturday.

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    Just a point on the tickets, that was really good, it’s always a pain going to the cash point before matches so it was great to just walk in and flash the ticket. If we could work out a way of bringing that in full time I wouldn’t mind that at all.

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