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Thread: Wells

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    Anyone going down the god forsaken M5 past Bristol on a Friday night?

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    I'm going, my first pre season game, staying down over night

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    Is Alex giving you his spare room?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    I’m going also staying overnight ��

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    Doing an overnighter, plenty of time for an early beer!

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    Is there a combi-ticket with Wookey Hole too?

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    1-1, not the most inspirational of games, Marlon Jackson scored with a great bit of skill.
    Remainder of the game forgettable. Joe Parker looks sharp as did Fabien and Hanksy.
    Their goal came via a penalty given away by one of our debutants.
    Won’t live long in the memory.
    Blyth here we come..hopefully

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    It was an alright game I thought. Wells keeper had a blinder, shame he ruined at the end by laughing at far we had to travel to get home!!

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    As Pims said not the most inspirational of games, thought it was going to be another routine friendly win after we took the lead early. Some of the players looked sharp, others looked a bit off it.
    Like I said on another thread, I really hope Cook’s got what he needs from the level of opponents we’ve faced and hopefully the North won’t be too much of an eye opener for the squad.

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    Wells aren't they Toolstation western league.

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