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Thread: 12 O'Clock

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    12 O'Clock

    Don't forget its a 12 o'clock kick off on Saturday (that's midday, not midnight Shandy!)

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    Either way I'll be asleep

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    Won 7-1, good game for our attackers to get in some shooting practice

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    Linesman asleep for their goal, attacker at least 2 yards offside as he broke through. My calls for VAR were ignored.

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    Shame I missed the game. Decided to have a lie-in

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    Well we’ve made light work on the whole of our pre-season opponents so far, the question still remains from the start of pre-season as to whether these opponents are adequate to get us set up ready for a tough season in the north. Hopefully Mike and the team are getting what they need from the games.

    Couldn’t make it today, was getting worried at one point my personal record City win was going to be smashed when I wasn’t there! Looking forward to seeing the new players at Wells next week.

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    I did suggest to Marlon at the Slimbridge game not to wear his shooting boots out to early- he’s on fire.

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    As good fun as it is beating the lower ranked sides easily, it is concerning for when the season starts that we've not really been tested. You never know we could just be really bloody good

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    Serious question, would we have beaten Evesham by that amount this time last year with the squad we had and Richards in charge?

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    ST in a word no. When u look at the games just before Cookie took over eg East Thurrock Away and the two WSM games we couldn’t win an argument we were awful. The 7-1 result shows imo just how far we have come.

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