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Thread: Woooohoooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish tiger View Post
    Brilliant story from Alex P and his 7 year old giving over his pocket money to help sign him,when your that age itís such a massive thing,I remember when we visited the changing rooms before a City game as a kid and we were in complete Orr, getting autographs etc etc, thatís what footballs about.
    I used to think Mark Hallam was the greatest human being alive after he trained us at a summer holiday soccer school

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    I think Cooke will now be under some pressure as he has teh signings that he wanted (apart from Messi, Bale and Ronaldo)

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    Impressive signing. Fab's about the best player I've seen in a City shirt. Can't wait to see him playing next season.

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    I think one of the factors in getting him back was the love the club has shown him after his playing record over the past few years, which have included a few moves 'downwards' and less game time than his quality deserved. This appreciation doesn't just come from the top of the club and the day to day managing and nurturing but also from the fans, I remember in particular Easty getting together a flag showing his French love, those things can make all the difference, so well done to you all. Mind you he should have also done a flag with sparkling nashers and we'd have Ed Williams back as well - I'm sure that one could have been sponsored by a local dentist.

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    Great signing. Gives the whole club a boost! As Tuffley Rovers 5th team manager I can only compare this with when I brought Deano across from Gala Wilton last season!! Great stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Tango View Post
    Oh shut up Darren you tool. Iím glad weíre in the North now as we wonít get to see your negativity around the M25...
    I wont have to see you being a massive jerk and causing trouble either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    Sorry Darren but you don't watch city enough to make comments like that. With out him at the latter part of the season we would not be playing at this level and although I like to read your comments I think this time you're talking out of your arse.
    I saw plenty of games where he played last season and saw enough. Yes the bloke can score wonder goals, but I think he will find things a lot harder in the more physical North. I never disputed the fact his goals kept us up and his massively deflected goal at Woking won me a small fortune, but it's the rest of his game that I don't rate. Maybe I was unlucky and saw him have his bad games, but lets face it he is going to be on 4 figures per a week and I just don't think he is worth splashing out that sort of money. I would be delighted for him to prove me wrong obviously and I'm clearly on my own on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darran View Post
    I wont have to see you being a massive jerk and causing trouble either.
    Please enlighten me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darran View Post
    If we are paying him what I hear we are paying him then its an utter waste of money in my view.
    My Holland and Barrett negativity pills are still available, not many left though itís been a busy summer recess.

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