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Thread: Blyth away 3rd August. It's a rite of passage!

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    Hats off to all of you who made the journey up there, sounds like it was a long day but worth it for a win.

    We couldnít have hoped for a better start to the season, well done to the management team and the players.

    Iím really looking forward to Tuesday, I think the lads will be well up for it and I hope we can cause another Ďupsetí.

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    Highlights for me included Hanks insisting on taking the penalty and absolutely smashing it in, signs of the quick passing game we now have the ability and players to carry out, Spence's numerous timely interceptions. But loads more. There really was much to praise and admire. Best of all was the genuine enthusiasm the players showed both on the pitch and when thanking our fans for coming. Blyth did look like a work in progress and may well have been below par as a result, time will tell. But loved the ground and the friendliness of their fans and the enormous chicken curry and chips (£3.20) a fair bit of which ended up on my shirt. And a special mention for "Dr Phil", whose home made medicine proved a useful anaesthetic on the very long journey home. Let's hope our guys have the energy and fitness to keep up the good work on Tuesday.

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    Are the national league doing highlights this year? I canít find anything online

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    If the.y are it’s a bit slow Blyth v City only has City’s team listed in The Match Centre.

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    Monday night now apparently. I've seen a clip of their penalty appeal late doors. We got away with that one.

    This is our year!

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    Think I am right in saying the official site will have them up on a Sunday. I think the embargo for the clubs must be midnight as I have seen a few highlights go up from clubs on Twitter in the past hour or so.

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