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Thread: Blyth away 3rd August. It's a rite of passage!

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    I am ready too, just working out how to wake teenager daughter and telling her to get up and get ready!

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    Have a safe trip up there everyone! Bring those 3 points back

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    Half time: BS 0 City 1 - Puts us fourth in the table at the moment (mainly on Alphabetical order)

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    Full Time: BS 1 City 2 (Jake Jackson got the second to put us 2-0 up with 10 minutes to go - then we conceded one a few minutes later - why am I annoyed? - it saved me £5 )

    Today's results put us in fifth on alphabetical order
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    We'll p*ss this tin-pot league !

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    Not bad for relegation favorites! COYY&R

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    Well done City fantastic result- also well done to those who made the trip brilliant.
    Ps it was Marlon who got the second
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    Great win but a long way to go Well done to Cooke and all the team

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    Just got back, 5.30pm till nearly midnight on the return leg!
    Well worth the trip, excellent result, difficult to praise one player over another really, square pegs in square holes.
    Josh Thomas and new boy Vincent Harper were outstanding with Harper given MOM.
    Excellent performances from Knowsley and Fabian.Hanks scored the penalty after taking the ball of Marvin then supplied the corner with pin point accuracy for Marvin to put the sweetest header in the top corner.
    Blyth’s goal was almost a consolation such was our domination of the game.
    Early days but very encouraging.
    Fantastic support today well received by the players and in fairness from the home community as well.(nicer people up North).
    Decent old fashioned non league stadium.

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    That's a journey I don't fancy doing again in a while!

    Other than the last ten minutes we had the better of that game and looked pretty comfortable. Some very encouraging signs, Jeacock in goal exudes confidence and made a couple of excellent saves. Marlon's hold up play is very good. Personally I felt the best player on the pitch was Joe Hanks, he ran the midfield.

    We could and probably should have won by more. Joe Parker was slipped through but screwed his shot wide of the post. Fabien went on a mazy run from the halfway line, beating three Blyth players in the process, but his shot was also narrowly wide of the post.

    All this without Jennison as well. Defensively at times we were caught out and that's something to work on ready for Tuesday. Very pleasing result considering all the NLN Facebook experts tipped us to be thrased there. Great support up there too.

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