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Thread: Melchester Rovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pims manager again View Post
    Sadly Lee a positive comment from you on this forum is as rare as hens teeth and that’s bit rich coming from you Dr Bob.
    That's what working for the NHS for forty years does to you

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    You think the y&b with the tiger on the back was awful?

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    Don't get too many mentions of the red and white one with the tiger on the back from the same season. Surely our best y&b one ever.... Still proud to wear it

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    Been watching since 1998. Pleasantly surprised with the home shirt 👍🏻 (Away shirt is horrid )

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    Id say its definitely a mixed bag and personally I prefer the away shirt 😬

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    You think the y&b with the tiger on the back was awful?
    Yes, I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    You think the y&b with the tiger on the back was awful?
    The best one I never bought. Wish I had I could wear it next season.

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    Poppy's got one if you'd like to borrow it?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    I've given this one a right royal chewing over since I first saw the kit as I've been told I make too many snap decisions, which I actually find useful when playing some card games. I'm no longer going with my gut feeling, which these days tends to be bloated and windy. So to help me reach an objective subjective opinion I decided to look at both kits and mark them out of ten, on each and every hour (1) over the course of some weeks, on various aspects such as fashion, comfort, uniqueness etc etc. I also applied a weighting system that reflected my mood at the time so as not to distort my shirt feelings. I then added up all the scores and divided them by the number of hours to reach an average which I turned into words.

    If anyone wants a copy of my workings then I'm sorry but I burnt them. Although not on a whim but after 24 hour's reflection involving a scoring matrix and a risk assessment. The good news though is that the details of the burning decision are available for those interested, although you'll have to give me a week to think about whether I want to release this information; I'll need time to organise some focus groups (2).

    (1) When I say all hours, I mean just waking hours - I didn't set an alarm to get up every 60 minutes. That would have been plain weird.
    (2) If anyone is interested in taking part please PM me

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    How much data do you think you need for the findings to be reliable? Will you exclude highest and lowest scores, average, median. At the very least looking for some decent graphs, not pie charts as apparantly now illegal in some counties.
    It would be interesting to know shand if you would use the same method as a trainee referee with a throw in decision and did anyone complain about the 9 months and 3 weeks of injury time before it was taken ?

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