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Thread: Melchester Rovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Because they don't fundamentally agree with the colour change. People are entitled to that opinion.
    They are indeed. I would have hated just red and white, or just red and black. Others would have preferred that no doubt.

    With the yellow in there as well I like it.

    I waited until I'd seen it before deciding.
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    I was half expecting something like the Hereford 2nd strip which looks like a Sunday league teams kit.

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    Having seen City in a red strip at Horton Rd and subsequently predominantly yellow since MP I think it’s looks smart and modern. Let’s embrace change and move forward.

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    I quite like the away kit, but the home kit is the wrong colour for me. Not worth arguing about not though. I still maintain it's been handled very poorly and the lack of respect shown to the fans has made me question a few things (no season ticket or T-Ender membership this season), but it's water under the bridge now.

    Will wait to see both on the pitch before I make any real judgement.

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    When any business starts focusing more on pleasing potentail new customers than it does on keeping existing customers satisfied, its on a slippery slope.

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    You could argue that the new colors represent our history as a football club?
    Many on here first new City in red,I only have known them in yellow,so I think itís a comprise.
    Yes lessons could be learned on how they went about it but thatís the past,for the first time in many years thereís a real chance that we wonít be ď little Gloucester cityĒ anymore and who knows in a few years might even play a local derby with old and new supporters singing together in the T-END.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Van Der Floof View Post
    kudos to the club for selling for very little mark up at £30. For football shirts the cost is very reasonable
    I bought a X-Blades training top and a 1/4 top last season, quality I thought was good but the price was too high. However I thought the replica shirts were way overpriced considering the quality of those. Happy to see the entire range so competitively priced considering the extortionate price of football merchandise nowadays generally.

    As for the kit/colours, never going to please everyone but as I've mentioned before our club has continually altered kits/badges throughout its history. I know Meadowclark has a good graphic highlighting that,

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    As that graphic reveals, we wore yellow and black between 1910 and 1913. Now we just need to find an owner with a longer grudge than Eamonn to get us changed back to that...

    At the end of the day itís changed now and not much we can do. But as weíve seen before it can change back and directors donít stick around forever. As history shows itís the fans that are the only constant at the club.

    Personally Iíll continue to wear yellow to matches and wonít be picking up any of the new merchandise.

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    We've also continually changed stadiums so we might as well carry on doing that as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    We've also continually changed stadiums so we might as well carry on doing that as well
    Definitely away from the flood plain!

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