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Thread: The T-End Footy Lottery.

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    The Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score" gets back in full swing from tomorrow with tickets available for next weekends matches.
    The Jackpot as rolled over from last season and is a whopping £1000 and it could be yours for just £1.
    Get your tickets on the bus to Concord or at Concord tomorrow or at the midweek game at Evesham against Oxford City and of course tomorrow week (Saturday Aug 11) before kick off at Evesham against Slough Town.

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    The jackpot of 1,000 has rolled over to next week and tickets are now on sale.

    If you are at Bath on Tuesday, they will be available or next Saturday when we are at ‘home’ again

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    The jackpot was one goal away from being won today.

    Tickets for next week will be on sale at tomorrow’s game

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    The Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score" ROLLSOVER yet again after results last weekend.
    23 tickets advanced through after the Man City/Newcastle 2 - 1 on Saturday evening but were all scuppered when Cardiff got their second against the Arsenal to even things up at 2 - 2 with Arsenal eventually going on to win 3 - 2 making the final game Watford/Spurs a non event.
    The Jackpot of £1000 is still to be won and could be yours for just £1.
    There will be NO tickets for this weekend Saturday September 8th as one of the scheduled games as been cancelled due to international call ups hence this will be a VOID week.
    Tickets will be on sale tho for the following weekend September 15th /16th.."The Jackpot Could Be Yours!."
    Cheers All.

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    Gay, I'd be interested in a gamble. Indeed, I feel we all take a gamble every time we go out of our front door each morning, you never know whether you're going to roll a 1 that day. Let me be clear, I don't have a problem with gambling (unlike some on here, Darran -the first stage in recovery is to admit your problem) and I'm not an agrophobic either.

    I'll have a monkey on City not winning every remaining game this season, a pony on Young Alfie not smiling in 2018, and a fiver on you starting a zoo before the end of the week.

    I'll try and find you at the Truro game, although I don't know who you or what you look like. Should I look for someone in a Communards T-Shirt, someone with an eye patch, or both?

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    Might be easier to just listen for him.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Don't know what he sounds like, although I guess if he disagrees with a referee's decision he'll burst out into a version of 'It ain't necessarily so' or alternatively threaten the ref with walking the plank.

    Or both.

    But not at the same time.

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    The Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score" was not won again last week so rolls over into this weekends games.
    34 tickets progressed after the Saturday evening game (Brighton 1 - 2 Spurs)onto Match 2 on Sunday (West Ham 0 - 0 Chelsea)..there were none remaining after this result therefore Match 3 (Arsenal 2 - 0 Everton) became an also ran.
    The Jackpot is ONE THOUSAND POUNDS and it could be yours for just one pound.
    Tickets will be on sale at Walls Club tomorrow evening at the race night and of course in the bar on Saturday at Evesham before kick off 3.00pm against Eastbourne Borough.

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    The Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score" Jackpot was won last weekend for all the details go to the Gloucester City Supporters Trust Twitter page.

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    So I’ll never know who the lucky person was? I refuse to twit

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