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Thread: The T-End Footy Lottery.

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    The winner of the Jackpot is a regular customer of mine in Chambers and is affectionately known as "Prof"..John Gilbert.
    John will be at the game tomorrow and will be presented with his cheque at half time.
    (5 tickets were in with a shout going into the Bournemouth/C.Palace game which was moved to Monday night).

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    After all the excitement of more significant signings today in our burgeoning new era under Chris Todd we'll just bring you up to date with the Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score"
    Our very own Dean James was mightily unlucky last weekend not to win the 600 quid on offer after correctly forecasting 2 out of the 3 results.
    Dean kicked off with the Liverpool 1 - 0 win at Huddersfield then had Everton to beat Crystal Palace 2 - 1, Milivojevic missed a penalty for Palace then Everton secured victory with 2 late need to mention what happened on Monday night as Arsenal beat Leicester 3 - 1... desperate.
    The running total stands at 650 quid and tickets will be available on the bus to Welling United tomorrow, the "pot" could be yours for just one pound.

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