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Thread: The T-End Footy Lottery.

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    Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score"latest...there will be a total of 12 tickets going for the 1000 Jackpot on the Liverpool v Chelsea game commencing very shortly and the scores required are:
    1 - 1 x2
    2 - 1 x4
    3 - 0 x1
    2 - 2 x3
    3 - 2 x1
    1 - 0 x1
    Good luck to you 12 and the Jackpot is there for the taking...also it could be a shared Jackpot with multiple winning tickets.

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    Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score"update...with emotions running high during the Liverpool/Chelsea game especially the contingent I've been with this afternoon...the jackpot of 1000 is still standing as NONE of the 12 remaining tickets were successful..all to play for once again next week.

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    With 12 still standing, I can't believe nobody had the favourites to win 2-0, which is one of the most common scorelines!
    Cheers for all your hard work on the predictor Stevieboy!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Honestly thought the 1000 would go yesterday afternoon either outright or shared.. I was in the company of a very good friend of mine who was firing the Vodka and Cokes down her like there was no tomorrow at 2 - 0 Liverpool with plenty of time left to play!.
    You would a thought a winner may have emerged from one of the 12 tickets but once again it was not to be and not one 2 - 0 amongst them.
    Of the 33 tickets that kicked off the afternoon proceedings there were some 2 - 0 Liverpool but unfortunately they were on eliminated tickets after the Palace/Man City game.

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    Missed a bit out....she was on the 3 - 0 Liverpool..🥃

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    Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score"update..Made life a bit easier today with the Everton/Man Utd finishing 4 - 0...there were NO tickets progressing after that so the Jackpot of 1000 still remains to be won.
    Next weekends tickets Sat 27th/Sun 28th April will be the final ones of the season.
    If the Jackpot doesn't go it will be carried over untill we resume in August.
    Cheers All.

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    Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score"update..after yesterday evenings game between Brighton/Newcastle a total of 28 tickets remain standing going for the 1000 Jackpot.
    Burnley v Man City is next this afternoon followed by Man Utd v Chelsea.. more updates on here after the Burnley/Man City can also find "Predict The Score"information on the Supporters Trust Twitter page and also on Facebook..back later with more on those 28 remaining tickets.

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    Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score"update.. Burnley 0 - 1 Man City.. after this result there will be NO tickets progressing so the Jackpot of 1000 will rollover untill we resume again in August..there were plenty on the 0 - 2 but it was not to be..many thanks to you all that have contributed throughout the season and we wish you all a good summer.

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    Thanks Stevie boy for all your hard work.Top supporter and bloke, and a pleasure to be with week in week out.

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