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Thread: The T-End Footy Lottery.

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    Top boy Col!👍

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    Richard Kear
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    Jun 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Gay Buccaneer View Post
    Top boy Col!��
    Right back at you Stevie. Special day day tomorrow,explain when I see you.

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    The Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score" Footy Lottery is rolling over nicely and the jackpot as now reached 500 and tickets will be available for purchase in the bar as always next Saturday before our big game encounter with Poole know who to come and see!..😊😊👍

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    Paul White
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    May 2017
    Another rollover I would imagine after Arsenal hit 5 this evening

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    EVDF is spot on and can confirm that the Gloucester City AFC "Predict The Score" rolls over once again after the Arsenal result yesterday evening scuppered every ticket.
    All to play for again next weekend as the jackpot now rises to 550.
    Cheers All.

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