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Thread: Ever scored at MP or HR?

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    Ever scored at MP or HR?

    After watching Andy Mainwaring score a brilliant goal in front of a packed T-END I made it a personal goal to play on the holy turf at MP,I managed twice in Sunday league cup finals ,one of which I lobbed the keeper from 25 yards in front of the T-END,I didnít know how to react so I celebrated by putting my shirt over my head as ran towards the T-END(just as I dreamed)with my arms waving around like spaghetti ,as I pulled down my shirt I realized I was celebrating in front of an empty T-END and that all the crowd weíre sat in the seating stand!,it was not quite the same as scoring for City but the closest Iíll ever get so will never forget it.
    Anyone else manage to score at MP or the old Horton road?

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    Hit the post at MP, but I scored at Whaddon Road!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Scored in one of the last games to be played at MP in the Supporters v First Team game at the end of 2006/7 season

    Played in a couple of Sunday League cup finals for City Supporters team but never scored in them. We also played a friendly against the u18ís and did manage to score in that one

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    Should've scored at MP but the ball hit a divot and I put it wide. Open goal too.

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    Played at Longlevens

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    Looks like ST forgot that we have supporters old enough to have done that, Phil - did you score?

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    No. I admit to having answered a different question, for effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah View Post
    Played at Longlevens
    What was the stadium like?

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    Archaic. A huge, deep uncovered terrace at one end and something of a tump with an old Dutch barn for shelter at the other. One side was dominated by a largish, rickety, wooden grandstand ; at the other was a small wooden stand and the most modern building, a decent concrete stand.

    But for all that it was an unplanned hotchpotch, the club had floodlights ahead of its time, and that meant many fine players came there for floodlit friendlies. But when we were drawn against first division Cardiff in the Welsh Cup, they wouldn’t play under the lights and the game kicked off at three on a Thursday afternoon.

    There were big crowds on a regular basis and to a kid, as I was, it was brilliant.

    When I turned out there against the City Reserves I had to imagine the atmosphere, because there were only twenty or so present, and they were all playing
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    I got bit by a dog whilst on delivery at the bottom end of Manor Park. Can any of our older supporters say what part of the ground that was?

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