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Thread: Up's and Down's/North or South

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    Up's and Down's/North or South

    National League:

    Chester and Guiseley are already relegated and will play National North football next season.

    Torquay lost at home to Fylde last night and unless Woking and Barrow lose and they go on a winning run, it's a matter of time before they are relegated to the National South.

    The last spot is hotly contested between Barrow, Woking, Maidstone, Solihull and Hartlepool. After looking doomed for a while Solihull have picked up and it's Woking who perhaps might start to get a little concerned. Barrow are a point behind them with 2 games in hand.

    National South - Bognor Regis won last night, defeat would have resulted in relegation. However it's pretty much a formality for them and Whitehawk. Poole would have to go on a superb run and hope Concord and Hungerford fail to win to stand any chance of beating the drop. Very, very doubtful.

    Southern Premier - Hereford are pretty much there. They are 6 points clear with a game in hand. Kings Lynn face Kettering tomorrow tonight and failure for Kings Lynn to get 3 points surely hands Hereford the title as I can't see them blowing it. They should roll Stortford over pretty easy on Saturday...

    Play offs are already decided (on the assumption Hereford win the league). Kings Lynn, Weymouth, Slough, Kettering.

    Billericay won Monday night and are 5 points clear with a game in hand in the Bostik. Dulwich lost at home to Tonbridge yesterday and their chances of auto promotion now look very slim. Folkestone have come into good form but maybe a little too late. As it stands play offs would probably be Folkestone, Dulwich and then 2 out of Hendon, Margate, Leiston, Staines and Leatherhead.

    Hereford are in a funny spot geographically like us (especially at Evesham).

    Should they win the league, Kings Lynn or Kettering win the play offs and Woking or Maidstone go down then we'll stay South and will keep Hereford.

    If Hereford win the league, Kings Lynn or Kettering win the play offs but Barrow, Solihull or Hartlepool go down then we'd stay south, keep Hereford and probably have Brackley transfer from the North (unless they go up of course!). Then it could be Kidderminster (if they don't go up!) or Solihull (if they go down) to get moved!

    If Hereford win the league, Weymouth or Slough win the play offs but Barrow, Solihull or Hartlepool go down then we'd stay south and keep Hereford.

    If Hereford win the league, Weymouth or Slough win the play offs but Woking or Maidstone go down then someone needs to transfer North. That will be either Hereford or us.

    The other permutation of course is if Leiston won promotion from the Isthmian, but that wouldn't happen would it....

    I think I've got that right!

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    Resurrecting this thread for this season...

    As it currently stands I can see this being the possible line-up for next season with both us and Oxford City potentially moving North again.

    North South.jpg

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    I had to check the date after reading the first post!

    Staines are down BTW.

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    Whoever created that needs to have a look on a map. Braintree is further north than Gloucester therefore they would go north in front of us and Oxford.

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    Staines is in a sorry state- there's obviously been some pretty nasty stuff going on behind the scenes.

    As regards Braintree (Essex) the regional system is as clear as mud. According to the wiki national league pages currently Essex is a NLS county - the so called border counties (which can switch north or south) are shown,(from West to East) as all of South Wales, Gloucs, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Beds, Cambs and Suffolk but not Essex or Herts, a large portion of which lie north of both Gloucester and Oxford. Having said that Bishops Stortford from south Herts switched from the Conference South to North and back again a few years ago.

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    I have always been led to believe that it is based on who is more northern not anything else, thus I think Braintree will go into the North in front of us and Oxford.

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    Not too disappointed to go back North. The club could be in for a wake up call though if we donít strengthen correctly as it looks like itís going to be a tough league.

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    Letís hope we donít get another Torquay fiasco when Hereford visit and use the money and resources wisely to cope with away fans outnumbering us...

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    Weymouth and Bath out on a limb in the Oyster card sponsored Cockney League. There should be a central fund to help with all members travel costs.

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