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Thread: Next Season

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    Pearce was better than most of our regular wingers in the games he played I thought.

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    Looking at the current squad it's quite the rebuild really.

    We have no keeper and this was the real area of concern last season, continual recalls and the whole Derby/Hereford pants pulling down episode screwed us over big time. We really need a regular keeper with no fear of getting shafted.
    No news yet on Smerdon and with Mawford gone, the full back positions need attention. We do have Issac Kelly back, albeit he was immediately loaned out when he rejoined.
    We seem quite light in midfield, especially with Fabien gone. Hanks' availability with his job is another risk.
    We have Parker (sort of, more of a winger now), Kotwica and Jackson upfront. But only Jackson has looked like a goalscorer. We need another forward who can score.
    Centre back pairing is great but we don't seem to have any cover in case of injury or suspensions.

    So goalkeeper wise, if Wollacott is released by Bristol City then surely we have to go for him. He enjoyed his stay here and that would be a great signing. But that doesn't appear to have happened. Stefan Marinovic was the keeper released. Be very surprised if we could afford him or even tempt him.
    Noel-Williams was released by Oxford U, seemed to create a good partnership with Jackson although I'm not sure he's more than a 10 goals a season player.

    Pearce might well be worth a look then. And the Cheltenham released centre back Matt Bower as cover for Avery & Hamilton.

    So I reckon we need, at least, six players

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    I agree DJP in your summary of where we are at. I would certainly try for Dejon as one of the reasons we had him was because we as a club could afford him and once he was fit was a real handful. Reference Fabian - time will tell.

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    Joe Edwards released by Walsall, lives in Gloucester I believe. Again highly unlikely as will probably end up at a L2/National L club but putting it out there. Joe Hanks was a regular at Cheltenham in L2 before he joined us.

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    Bring back Bowen

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    Absolutely Roger. Delighted he has been given a chance at a league club. Thoroughly deserved and best I have seen at this level by some way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Absolutely Roger. Delighted he has been given a chance at a league club. Thoroughly deserved and best I have seen at this level by some way.
    Agree the lad was quality and his old man was a bloody good bloke to, they deserve it..

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    Tyler Weir must have left his latest club by now?

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    It seems the Non-League Paper are getting the exclusive on who goes where tomorrow morning and that the clubs don't even know yet

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    Branders seem to imply otherwise the other day, and I'd say he would probably be in the know.

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