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Thread: Three players sig on for next season

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    Some players are just a class above, and its not because of the quantity or quality of goals but their all round play. How they bring others into the game, stretch the opposition with their movement, open up play with their touch and vision. Football is less what you do with the ball more what you do without it; Fabien is one of those players.

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    [QUOTE=Darran;15203] Yes he can score wonder goals and those goals kept us up.

    You canít say he is crap and the above all in the same quote!

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    Certainly in his first loan spell apart from his 17 second goal didn’t appear to offer much however second time around under the Cookie regime superb a quality player who really shone at our level. I saw most of his games under Cookie and apart from his goals his interlink play from the middle as can be seen on many highlights clips outstanding. AP find him a non job outside football and put him on your books (lol)

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    Couldn't agree more Gladfan make him A Ps chauffeur.

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    I see Chippenham has resigned David Pratt I wonder where that leaves Karnell Chambers, being a local boy maybe back at city.

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    Thought he looked dangerous against us.

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    My only concern would be if Karnel came back is that we would have three very similar players with Zak and JP. Scored a few last season as well and probably wouldn’t want a kings ransom to play either.

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    Deano might need to apologise.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    Deano might need to apologise.
    Ha ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    Deano might need to apologise.
    I stand by every word.

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