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    As far as I can work out the new MP hinges on getting funding which looks like the club have prepared everything too a tee.
    Is there a chance we could be refused this?How do they decide who gets help?I can’t think of a club that does deserves a helping hand more than City.

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    I don't think there is any chance that we won't get a good level of funding. As you say, has there ever been a more deserving cause?!

    I believe the big question is not whether, but how much!
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    How important dave was it for us to stay up funding wise? Would we get much less if we were a level lower in the pyramid, or does that not come into it?

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    Don't know the exact details, but I'm pretty sure it made a pretty big difference to what we were eligible to apply for.

    Brandman would know much more, I'm sure.
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    If u look on the Football Stadia Development Fund website it guves u all details Also it was vital we stayed up as the figures on the tables show.
    It Must be noted that the figures specify UP to a certain figure so I assume you aim high and see what u get given.

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    Going back to 2012 when I was a consultant to the Club I wrote a report for the possibility of the Club receiving a higher amount than the designated figure of £250k to help meet costs of a new stadium build. The report sought to make the club a ‘special case’ due to Force Majeure with the flooding of 2007 and I asked for consideration of £1M. Visits were made by relevant personnel but of course the FSIF could not take any decision until the Club received Full Planning permission.

    Over the ensuing years with the on/off of any development it was again raised by me with the FSIF in 2016 when Full Planning permission was received. At that stage I had an ally in Richard Scudamore who supported the Club being made a special case. As time went on I reminded the Club that RS was due to leave his post at the Premier League at the end of last year (2018) so they needed to try and push funding on. However with the change behind the scenes and AP taking over the main thrust for the development and bringing in other funding personnel I am no longer privy to whether there is still a possibility of the Club receiving ‘special status’. Only AP can confirm this but Matt Phillips when he was Project Manager last year can confirm what I am posting. There are a number of email trails discussing this and the subject of ‘Grading’ due to the plans being altered so much that new permission would surely have to be obtained. Thus and how it has turned out no funding could be pursued until those plans were approved. Which was last week so we are told.

    I would like to think that that the Club would be viewed favourably but that should have been included in the latest application submitted. By the Club staying at Step 2 it is beneficial in what funding can be obtained so it was important the Club will remain in the National League for next season.

    Funding is complicated but every club is treated the same and of course there are many conditions to be satisfied. How the Club is tied in with the land owner involved is a major consideration. Clubs must have a minimum 10 year lease on the ground they play on, if they do not own the freehold. Whilst EMG is the major shareholder of Gloucester City AFC(1980) Ltd, and he may be the owner of Gloucester Stadium Ltd, who own the footprint of Meadow Park, there should be (in how I read FSIF regulations) a formal lease document between the two. I am sure the Club has covered that off because it has been raised many times. No one would contemplate building a house on land owned by someone else!

    I am sure we will all hear in the near future how the bid has gone and we hope that the news will be positive. But when you are seeking ‘loads of money’ nobody gives it to you without asking serious questions and demanding checkable answers. The FSIF have been doing this for years and are well versed in procedures and they will not be rushed.

    That is just a brief overview to set the scene for fans. The current planning application and development timeline is running but I am not the person to ask questions of that and definitely not the answers.

    Hope this has helped.
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    I was looking for a yes or no, really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    I was looking for a yes or no, really.

    Excellent coverage though Brandman, thanks

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    I thought A P stated on here that the funded had been settled and we were privately funded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    I thought A P stated on here that the funded had been settled and we were privately funded.
    Pretty sure he said they will use private money to start the build while they wait for the funding to come through, therefore we can get back home quicker.

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