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Thread: Attendances

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    We finished the season with an average attendance of 349. This would have been helped by the fixture against Torquay and them bringing 300 or so of the 700+ gate. Despite us having to do a 50+ mile round trip for every "home" fixture, we still averaged more than Hungerford and Oxford City did and weren't far behind East Thurrock. In the North however we'd be the least supported side, with Ashton Utd just pipping us (thanks to the like of Stockport and FCUM nearby).

    349 is 63 more than the previous season.

    The last three seasons at Whaddon however we averaged 472, so we've lost roughly 100 off the gates (allowing for away support) since the move to Worcestershire. The National North is far better supported than the South, even more so if South Shields win promotion, so getting back home is absolutely paramount should we be moved there. I'd imagine "home" games at Evesham against Hereford or Kidderminster would see us outnumbered for the first time and by a long way too.

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    Glad to be back in the north though, South felt like the old southern league in terms of grounds and support

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    Totally. Last season at Poole you had to walk through a school playground to get into the stadium!

    That said, I think being at Evesham makes it feel like we've been relegated (with the greatest of respect to them)

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    I'm obviously hoping we stay south and I still think it depends on who the play-off winners are because of their only being 2 who will get promoted. Braintree will be the first to go north then us and then Oxford from what I can tell. Aldershot and Maidstone will have plenty of away fans should we stay south.

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    Honestly think in the north being in Gloucester we would average about 1000 (taking into account much better traveling support than south)that’s what our history would suggest anyway.

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    That’d be some going to average 1000, last time we got close to 1000 was 1990-91 when we finished 2nd and 1996-97 when we finished 3rd.

    I think we’ll get some good crowds initially and then settle down to average 650-750 and that’d be quite good considering we weren’t anywhere near that when we got flooded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Glad to be back in the north though, South felt like the old southern league in terms of grounds and support
    Seeing who is coming down from the National league we will almost certainly go north. I agree reference some of the stadiums East Thurrock Truro to name but a few ( all smashing hosts tho and a super burger at ET ) there doesn’t appear to have been as much investment as there has been in the North. Let’s get home to a spanking new stadium.

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    Depends where we are and who we are playing. A game against Hereford, Stockport (although they should go up) or Kidderminster back in the City for example would probably see a decent away support and increased local interest which could inflate the overall average to that.

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    I've not been able to attend for a fair few personal reasons unfortunately, but fingers crossed that should be changing soon, I find that informing the ref/linesman he needs to go to specsavers, or words to that effect, are very therapeutic over 90 minutes.

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    We can talk about crowd numbers all we like, but I reckon we would have gone down from the North this season had we been in that league. Still only 2 teams to go down from our level next season so that will help.

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