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Thread: Mike cook & co

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    Mike cook & co

    The most important signing for next season has to be MC and co.
    No news was given on his contract length when he came in,if he doesnÂ’t sign we could always get Todd back 😉

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    Has to stay both him and Hosky

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    Proved himself in very difficult circumstances.

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    I've never been more glad to be proven wrong

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    He’s done the job he was brought in to do, imagine if we’d kept Todd, doesn’t even bare thinking of. Kudos to the coaching staff I hope they enjoy the feeling of job done.

    It’ll be interesting in the summer to see who he can bring in as we may (should) see a squad overhaul.

    Let’s enjoy this for now though as we’ve done it again. I think this has been the most stressful season so far at this level!

    Personally delighted as well as I’m at a stag do next weekend in Portugal and it’d have been horrible watching the Woking game through FlashScores.

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    Amazing turnaround. Brandman said we needed 2 points per game when Cookie took over and a few weeks back when everyone started winning it was looking a fair prediction. Well, Cookie didn’t quite manage that, but 1.625 points per match, if my maths are correct, is quite an achievement. If Mike had been in charge all season and managed that across 41 games we’d be level on points with Concord right now.

    Thank you so much Cookie & Co, really didn’t believe it possible, just hope we can build on this for next season. 9th tightest defence in the league, would be great to keep JJ, but need a playmaker and another goalscorer.
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    A remarkable turnaround in our fortunes considering our form, league position, and remaining fixtures when Chris Todd left. Huge plaudits to Mike Cook and his staff. I wasn't a fan of his appointment but I was totally wrong.

    They've got a big job on this summer, but given the right backing, he could help us have a really positive season next year.

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    Signed up for next season,happy days.

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    Good to learn of this development.

    Monday we will know which division we will be in and then planning in strengthening team and management can start in earnest.

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    Fantastic news on Mike (and hopefully all his merry men!)
    Re Monday Brandman. Gateshead seem to be in a complete mess. Might that still play a part in matters?

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