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Thread: New Club Badge

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    New Club Badge

    I see the busiest badge in football history has appeared on our club website in the ‘Our History’ section at the very bottom.

    Also if you go to and search using the keyword ‘Gloucester City’ you can see that the badge has been put in for a trademark under AP’s name.

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    Got a migraine just looking at it.

    Interesting and surely quite unusual that it should have been registered in an individuals name and not the name of the club?

    To pick an example at random, the Soldi logo is registered in the name of the business, not the individual who owns it.

    In theory the trademark owner would be within their rights to make the club pay to license the trademark, and the club might not have much choice in the matter if all the replica kit and training wear had already been manufactured...
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    I'm in two minds about this badge. A logo should be instantly recognisable, just like our old logo was, and capture someone's attention. I like the new badge, I just think it's a little busy. Don't like the font at all, but a huge fan of the the ship/quays/cathedral on the logo, that is a brilliant idea. It'll probably grow on me mind.

    Thought for a few years we should design a kit with the city landmarks on, and with the logo I reckon it would like very tidy (maybe a yellow outline on the away kit?).

    The only disappointing thing is this was the perfect opportunity for the club to make a big song and a dance out of the re-brand, and not hide it away on some random page on the website. Again, compare our re-brand to that of Gloucester Rugby... such a missed opportunity.

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    I understand a full launch will happen or as I was advised, it is all early days

    BTW i am unable to see the badge
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    Hmm not a fan of the silhouettes - think the quays bit of it looks a bit odd and rushed.
    Call me a cynic, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post

    I understand a full launch will happen or as I was advised, it is all early days
    In which case it should be off the website until it is launched

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post

    BTW i am unable to see the badge
    Lucky you

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    Better than the tiger!

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    Looks ok to me.

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