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Thread: The Ricay.

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    It's not just t-towel, Daven and Joe that have a grouse with a football management, it happens elsewhere!

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    Whether you are for or against the colour change, one thing no one can deny is that the way it’s been handled has been a PR disaster. There’s been no explanation, no supporting market research or justification, and no attempt to even ‘sell’ the idea across despite the fact that it was always going to be unpopular. Contrast that with how Gloucester Rugby handled their badge change. To call us a semi professional club isn’t accurate, we’re barely amateurs.

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    Whatever you thoughts on the kit change etc are you donít abuse someone like that at a game especially when theyíre with their young kids. I wasnít at yesterdayís game so canít comment so only going on what Iíve been told but if it was the same culprits who were very vocal at Eastbourne then maybe donít put your name down a ďfree coachĒ in the future thatís been partly funded for by AP... just a thought!!!
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    +1 For Joe's view from me. I think the powers that be should concentrate on getting us home (and I'm having more and more doubts that this is going to happen by the proposed timescale) rather than alienating supporter by changing colours.

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    Football is an emotive subject and sometimes it makes people act in ways they would never dream of in a professional or home capacity. Would hope those involved go away and reflect on that.

    I, personally, felt the proposed fans forum would be a waste of time and said so at the time. Why? We live in a modern age where literally tons of communication methods via technology is at pretty much everyones fingertips instantly. It allows those not just located nearby and free to attend but to the wider fanbase (and interested parties) to view it/ask questions no matter where they are in the world. Face to face is great, but not always feasible and it only takes one or two (as seen before) to monopolise time asking things which have little or no relevance. (Anyone remember that rugby fan from the first forum?! Christ on a bike).

    I'm pretty amazed at the response it has on here sometimes and the perceived "outcry" that it didn't occur. I'm sure some who are saying they would have gone would have, but the history shows most don't. Reason I say that, the club held several (which would have been on-going) fan interactions with Eamonn and Brian McGurk. I went to the first one, it was well publicised and fans had plenty of notice. There was 8 people there. EIGHT. EMG and BMG being two. One of those was the then chairman, the other the club's then media officer and another the now Trust chairman. Pathetic to be honest. To their credit, they answered every question and we spent many hours discussing a load of things which I (and another) had prepared. Nobody else really bothered to ask anything to be frank. Thats not a dig at anyone, but I feel if you get an opportunity like that at least take it.

    The second meeting, a week or two afterwards, had even less people there and subsequently it stopped. Why should they give up their free time for such poor attendances? We averaged 400+ at Cheltenham at the time so it wasn't like gates were waning. A great opportunity to air any concerns and ask any questions lost in my book. Everyone has commitments whether work, family etc. But about 9 fans over 2 meetings? That shows that actually it didn't matter quite that much to many.

    Another fans forum was held around a year or so later, this time away from Keyway's offices and instead at the hotel in Matson again. The attendance was once again poor. Probably no more than 25 people there at a time where ground news had literally ground to a halt and the atmosphere had turned rather sour. Went to questions, again the same people asked some. Most didn't. Each to their own. So given all this I don't think a fans forum would have attracted much more than 40-50 people max. And the few I see kicking up a fuss about it don't even attend games, so I doubt a forum with people they barely or don't know would really be top of their agendas to be honest.

    The kit, and the badge in fact, has changed and evolved more times than Dr bloody Who over the last 15-20 years. It wasn't even that long ago that we had a club badge that was the City crest and not a Tiger. anyway We've had Tiger's that looked like something out of clip art 97. The current Tiger we have could be subject to legal action by Harimau Malaya. I assume they got there first with it!!

    Logo Harimau Malaya.jpg

    We've had a kit recently that was basically amber/orange and black.

    We live in strange times where people want instant success and have little to no patience. City fans, the loyal ones, certainly are the exception to that. But there are those that claim to be fans but I see online complaining about the current relegation concerns yet wanted the club to fold and start 4/5 levels lower when Tim left. The same Tim Harris that months later basically stole our entire managerial team and left us up shit creek with no keeper.

    I see people saying the powers that be need to "get the chequebook out" and spend more of their money on players (let alone keeping the club effectively afloat and proposing to build a new stadium), yet don't go to any games themselves so contribute precisely FA to the club. Hmm ok.

    People complain about the lack of stadium news, rightly in the past it was bloody awful, yet when an director provides that and more on an online forum it shouldn't be done that way and should have been confined to a physically attended fans forum that most people wouldn't have bothered going to.

    Maybe it's just me. Anyway, lets hope we beat Truro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigermatty View Post
    Contrast that with how Gloucester Rugby handled their badge change. To call us a semi professional club isn’t accurate, we’re barely amateurs.
    Ha I seem to remember they took absolute pelters for it!

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    Great post.

    In relation to people saying ď Get the cheque book outĒ itís so easy to say when itís someone elseís money,the fans that say this why donít they go and take out a loan and give it to the manager? As far as I know nobody makes any money being involved with Gloucester city fc.

    Since Iíve known City in Yellow and black weíve:
    1-Been days/hours from being bankrupt a few times.
    2-Homeless for 12 years
    3-watched our arch rivals play at Wembley and iconic premier league grounds.
    4-Nearly get to a final of the fa trophy but for a last gasp equalizer.

    A new home new colors and change of chip is needed for the club to move forward, Iím already thinking that Truro will stay up by 1 point with us going down, the point they gained was vs Concord at home as I just expect the worse.

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    Also, regarding concentrating on getting home, rather than wasting time changing the colours, I know many hours and pound notes are being invested in the former, whilst the latter seems to be only be occupying the time of some supporters. Now a decision has been made (and like it or not, it's been in the offing for a long time with it being EMG's preference), it can't be launched, marketed or subjected to a PR campaign as we have 3 games left wearing our current kit, which is manufactured by a rival brand!

    I hope we beat Truro too!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Joly's Publicist View Post
    Ha I seem to remember they took absolute pelters for it!
    Maybe so, but they went to the bother of putting some thought into it

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    And pay for tattoo cover-ups.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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