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Thread: City vs Welling

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    City vs Welling

    Looks like a tough fixture. They're second in the form table and have made soon impressive signings this week.

    A draw will be a good result. Could be an afternoon of watching how our relegation rivals are getting on. COYY.
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    Competitive family?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    What an awful game of football and an even worse result for us especially when you consider results elsewhere.

    I donít remember either side stringing a passing move together or us creating a single chance. The entire match was either ball in the air, clearances, appealing for FKís or taking FKís. We matched them for fight but they just nicked it at the end from a corner.

    I donít see us getting anything at home (or even scoring a goal at the rate today), so our final away games are crucial. Two or three wins needed from the last five.

    Losing Russe is a massive blow, I wonder whatís happened around that and could we have foreseen it? I guess thatís what happens when we rely on loans so much. They are within their rights to recall him. I just donít know if weíve got enough bodies to last us the final few games, itís been disappointing at the lack of recruitment when we obviously canít score and the squad is threadbare going into a relegation showdown.

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    Cynical lot and not very good!

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    If Dejon has been assaulted in the street like he was late on in the second half, the centre half would have been arrested.

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    Sadly that was always going to happen. We battled hard and more than matched them for 85o/o of the game but our Achilles heal has been all season our ability to score. Jake and Noel worked hard but unless I missed a it we never tested the keeper all game.
    For a top three side I thought they offered very little but they stole the points. It’s going to go down to the wire Eastbourne is a huge game .

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    Either their keeper made a great save, or I'm going potty!?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Problem stems from the disastrous Todd era when he changed almost the entire team for garbage leaving us with a thread bare squad. What Mike Cook and his team have done since is nothing short of a miracle really. With Todd still in charge we would have been relegated weeks ago. Beat Eastbourne and Truro and we'll stay up I reckon, but Evesham is ruining us.

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    Horrific looking accident on the a46 going back. Hope the people involved are OK as that looked a baddie.

    Zack, what has happened there. Can't even get on for a attacking midfielder. Confidence gone?

    I don't think any city player could have done that much more today. They were bigger, stronger and a bit better. If we do go down, it won't have been because of today's game

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