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Thread: Music at First Game at Meadow Park

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    Music at First Game at Meadow Park

    Not wishing to get too far ahead, but thinking, THAT first game back at Meadow Park, should Charlie have a Play List (Get me!) of certain songs to play, on the list has to be

    "Boys are back in Town"

    any other suggestions?

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    Little Arrows by Leapy Lee, and Sweet Caroline for Easty.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Long way home by Supertramp!

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    Got to be the Beatles. Long and winding road.

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    Love me t.ender?

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    Mrs Kingo's suggestion It's raining men - I think not!

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    My suggestion is 'The green green grass of home'. p.s. don't you dare play it

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    Anything by Radiohead please

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    Anything as long as they put the speakers on the far side of the pitch pointing towards the river.

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    I started on the playlist for “that game” a couple of months ago!

    Was planning on it being a Boys Are Back in Town/Country Roads sort of lineup.

    Any suggestions are massively appreciated

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