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Thread: Eastbourne Sat 6th April

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    The Eastbourne goal was a bit of a sucker punch- they had a tall centre forward on loan from Brighton who was generally unimpressive but on that occasion despite being under pressure managed to get his head to the throw, neatly (luckily?) directing the ball beyond the back post to a completely unmarked forward who had plenty of time to control and shoot- which he did very emphatically- absolutely no chance for Will who otherwise had another assured game. For once our defence was disorganised/lost shape. For a while it looked like they might run away with things - as MC says they were very quick and dangerous on the break - but bringing on Kotwica led to Hanks playing a bit wider on the right and helped Robert to get more into the game. Unfair perhaps to pick out individuals but a great shift by each of of our front men deservedly picking up a goal each. Would hate to have to mark Dejon, a real handful. Enjoyed Eastbourne, including the pre-game Adnams Southwold, which was the best pint I've had for many a year. And the steward who accused one of our distinguished supporters of "linesman abuse" for meekly pointing out the difference between a goal kick and a corner.
    Ha ha that steward and the corner abuse was comedy gold

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    Match highlights from yesterday’s game

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    Absolutely superb highlights. Good resolution, mixed camera views, informative commentary without some of the over-excitement that many have. Foe example, not every goal can be a worldie. A credit to the club.

    Looks like they were making plenty of chances before we scored, that appears a terrible error from their keeper. We didn't miss Luke Rouse as much as I thought we would, and great defence, as the season's A column testifies to.

    I reckon 4 more points will be enough, as long as one of those results comes against Truro

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    Really like Eastbourne as a club. Nice people and a great away day. (or weekend if you're retired or have a flash Toyota Pick up)
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Concord's physio was also dealing with the injured player and the ambulance took ages to turn up. If the chairman did say they couldn't play past 6pm then that is dodgy and he was clearly taking advantage of the situation, but if the medical advice given was to not move the player who sounds like he was in a hell of a lot of pain then so be it. I'm sure Concord will be motivated to win the rematch.

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    Sure if they could have played after 6 the floodlights would have mysteriously failed a few minutes later anyway.

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    It is reported that the player only left the pitch at 8.10pm and taken to hospital.

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    Must have fallen asleep.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Good job it wasn’t a woman having a baby.
    By the time the ambulance turned up the kid would have started school. 😂😂

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    If the fracture really was that bad, then Truro FC should be making a complaint to the Ambulance Service - that is an unacceptable delay in my opinion.

    Don't the local Ambulance Service have 'First Responders' to help them to meet their targets? In Gloucestershire we have Paramedics in cars who carry a very comprehensive kit that would have enabled the injured player to be given adequate pain relief, assuming that Truro don't have a Club Doctor (with injectable pain killers) or access to Entonox via their first aiders.
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