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    Feels like we should be beating a team with 3 points out of their last eight games, at home, when there are some difficult games to come. No game is a must win, but this to me will be a good barometer as to our chances of beating the drop.

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    Well we played better today but we're punished by the wind and not taking 3 gilt edged chances in the first half. At least we didn't lose it at the end and we're still out of the relegation zone, but it's getting very tight down there so it's painful to not have taken all 3 points in one of our more winnable fixtures.

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    I was down there end for that goal. I heard a little "ting" as it hit the post and went in. Sickening noise.

    That said, it should never have been played in those conditions. The wind totally ruined it, however I did hear that the ref wanted to postpone it but both teams wanted to play!

    Jake Jackson had a good game without really having a chance but what was Zack doing? Where is his strikers instinct? He should've hit that as soon as the keeper came out.

    One good thing I suppose is that we're wasting chances instead of not making them.

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    It was very windy today, someone shouldíve told our players because they didnít really take advantage of it. As above, canít complain about our strikers not getting any chances today as we blew three and luckily Robert put the rebound of one in.

    Iím sure the people at Evesham are very proud of what theyíve built up there and so they should be, but the stadium and the pitch makes a lot of games a complete lottery.

    Today was one we had to win I thought before kick off, lucky not to lose in the end as they had a great chance very late on. 7 games to save ourselves now, itís a tough tough run in and weíve not won in 5 now despite being ahead in a couple.

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    You can't miss 3 one on ones with the keeper, plus other decent chances to hit the target and expect to win. A point's a point though, and one of our rivals in our mini-league of 3 lost (though the other won), I'm not overly concerned about run ins. We're more than capable of buggering it up against the worst teams, and tend to perform better against the more capable ones. That said, I'd hate to be going to Woking last game needing a result.

    Would paying silly money for a proven goalscorer for the last 8 weeks keep us up?

    If we could find him, I can't think of anything better to contribute to!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    I was disappointed to not see a new face up front today considering Harry Williams left in the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeadowClark View Post
    I was disappointed to not see a new face up front today considering Harry Williams left in the week.
    Dejon was back!

    Anyone know what the attendance was please?

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    I sound a bit of a broken record but i thought Luke Russe was terrific again today, in all 3 of the positions he played. When he first came I thought he was a bit too lightweight to make a mark in this league but happily he's proved me completely wrong. To misquote Matt Busby "if you're good enough, you're big enough!"

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    Given the wet weather from glos onwards back to Bristol on the m5, got lucky really getting that game done.
    Not a good game. Interesting to talk to cookie in the game afterwards, there is a huge amount of money being paid at this level, amazing really we manage to get a competitive side out.
    when we get home, even if the playing budget was doubled, it seems unlikely that this would enough to really compete. Promotion at this level must cost thousands. Some Players are full time even if the clubs are not. How can teams afford massive wages with such low gates. Crazy really, how we have survived at this level never ceases to amaze me

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