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Thread: JoJo Wollacott

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    As I've always said (1) If you don't get the rain you don't enjoy the shine (2).

    You just got to hope that when it rains IT don't wash your house (3) away (4) and leave you clinging onto the rocks. One big effort and will be ashore for another season but get complacent and we will be washed way into the Southern (6) Seas.

    I will be there today(7), like a man at the shore watching helplessly on, as City's lifeguards (8) try to pull the struggling club out, while I shout and sing loudly that I love it (14) til I die, come on you lifeguards, and say we are rescuing you, say we are rescuing you, while questioning the parentage of a man stood nearby trying to help, dressed in black(9)


    (1) My mother told me these were actually my first words, followed by 'City til I die'
    (2) Ask anyone living in Ethiopia circa 1980s, or modern day Australia
    (3) Metaphor for football club
    (4) Continuing this metaphor, using the very apt situation we find ourselves in (5)
    (5) In that quite literally metaphorically, our club was washed away.
    (6) Premier League
    (7) Unless God has other plans for me this morning
    (8) Numbers I to XI
    (9) The referee. Unfortunately linespeople don't work in this analogy.
    (14) The struggling person aka the club

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    I wonder if the situation regarding Jojo staying is being complicated by Bristol City's injuries. Talking to a BC supporting fella at work today about King playing on Saturday, and he said they are in a similar boat as their reserve keeper went off this weekend, whilst covering for their injured first choice!

    Jojo must be rising up the pecking order, especially after his performances for us (which you'd presume BC must be monitoring)

    Hope TK isn't aching too much!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Seeing as we have a game tomorrow night and haven't heard anything regarding Jo Jo as yet, it's looking very unlikely he'll feature tomorrow if at all again this season.

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    From what Alex said on Saturday it sounds as though it's the same thing as what happened with Tyler Weir a few years back unless I'm mistaken, didn't he have his full 93 days and then couldn't sign again? Tyler joined the wrong club and the rest is history.

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    Hi Neil, we where told that permission had been given to extend the loan and all the paperwork was signed by Bristol, Gloucester and Jojo. It was submitted to both the league and FA only to be rejected 11 mins before the 17:00 deadline by the FA, as the EFL stopped it from proceeding. Jojo will now remain at Bristol City. A formal statement via twitter will come out tomorrow mate providing all the ducks fall into line this weekends efforts get approved in the morning.

    I'm happy to post on here, but i'm not happy for personal abuse to be angled at me. I've been told by one supporter this evening that i've an 'odious personality' and don't treat people well (putting in politely).

    Please note i'm also very Dyslexic and this is the among the long message i've ever written and it's taken about an hour! So short messages from me don't mean anything else then I can't spell anymore words, as i use voice speech apps a lot. Thanks AP

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    Alex, ignore that one idiot, the rest of us appreciate what you bring to the club

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    Alex, ignore that one idiot, the rest of us appreciate what you bring to the club
    What help is that post GDE? I could not see what caused you to pass the comment!

    It is clear from my limited knowledge, which maybe more or less than others, that AP is trying to bring a new perspective to a long suffering saga for many. Getting his head around historic issues let alone tackling current ones will take him time but time ticks on - and donít we all know it. The recent situation with JoJo is regretful but that is life. It is how anyone takes on adversity which makes us what we are.

    But throw away one liners does no good, so I would hope you reflect on yours GDE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    Alex, ignore that one idiot, the rest of us appreciate what you bring to the club
    Steve Landsdown has invested over 50 million in Bristol city and still gets criticized...

    Many people feel free to insult when there are no consequences to their actions, would that person have been brave enough to insult AP if he was an employee at Soldi and AP was his boss? I would imagine not.
    The fact of the matter is as I see it is that Gloucester City need AP more than AP needs Gloucester City let’s not push him away with personal attacks which is unacceptable,constructive criticism in a respectable manner is the key to move forward in anything.
    If this guy can influence City getting home he has my backing worts and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    Alex, ignore that one idiot, the rest of us appreciate what you bring to the club
    You can't please all people all the time, that is a fact of life

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    Thanks all.

    See the club twitter feed shortly to end this thread. AP

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