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Thread: When is THE MEETING?

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    When is THE MEETING?

    I was asked by a friend, well rather by an acquaintance or should I say someone who by accident bumped in to me whilst I was out walking the dog yesterday. He asked when was the meeting? I asked why he couldn't ask himself and he said he doesn't use social media (how lucky was my reply).

    Well it jogged my memory that we were having one, then it was delayed, then it was delayed again and last thing on here I remember Tangoman saying it would be held in first two weeks of February. Any update please........just asking for a friend. Sorry you already know that!!

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    You love social media!

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    Me thinks once the dust has settled from the share holders meeting ( not in the know ) u know.

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    We were always told it was January, but we weren't told which January

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    The communication between club and supporters is awful at the moment. Is there any reason why this has happened

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    It's a shame that another month has gone by and the much lauded forum hasn't been arranged.

    I understand we are going to change our badge and colours next season, I feel the fans should be consulted on this at least

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    There was a post elsewhere on this forum that there was a shareholders meeting being held on the 14th of Feb and more would become clearer with regards to the fans forum after that, 12 days later and still nothing......!!!!

    Found it, in the 'Losses at Cheltenham' Thread, posted by Chris Gage on the 13th Feb.

    The forum is still very much a goer, however, (as Rod mentioned in the program notes for the recent home game-which only those of you who downloaded the program would have seen) we have a shareholders meeting tomorrow which will hopefully yield positive news about progressing this.
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    I think that meeting is now tonight.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post

    I understand we are going to change our badge and colours next season, I feel the fans should be consulted on this at least
    Just been catching up on things and saw this post. Quite a big change if so and surprised hasnít been discussed more on here. Whatís the suggested colour change and likelihood of it happening?

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    Another attempt to get rid of the rest of the ‘old guard’ amongst whom I count myself as I’ve never seen Gloucester City play other than as the ‘Tigers’?

    I know some of you have watched City for many more years than me and remember them playing in Red and White - I hope the proposed change is not back to that - the same as the unnamed team down the other end of the Golden Valley and the egg chasers. As a Toffee I wouldn’t object to Blue.

    It seems to me from thousands of miles away that communication between the Club Officials and the fans is in the process of breaking down completely.

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