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Thread: Chelmsford

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    Great commitment shown today, with a deserved point. Chelmsford fans near me commenting how hard we pressed Chelmsford in possession.

    When I saw Jake Mawford line up at central half I feared the worst, but him and Sam were excellent under constant pressure. Full backs both did well too. I thought they were sure to score near the end with a deep cross under the bar but Sam cleared it out somehow.

    Hard for the rest of the team to do much against a strong Chelmsford side, but every man fought for every ball. Another 2 injuries to add to the growing list means I don't think we have 11 fit players to start the next game (excluding youth/dual registered players). Hopefully some funds can be made available to bring in a couple of new faces.

    Great job all involved. I'll probably give the highlights a miss mind you

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    Entirely agree. Chelmsford fan told me that he could not understand our celebrating a home draw so loudly. I did give him back the answer(s) but he didnít seem to get it. I couldnít be bothered with him tbh. Just so pleased with our performance.

    Jojo did make a good save, mind you, on about the seventy fifth minute. Endless good blocks and timely clearances. Jake Mawford seems to be able to adapt to any position

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    Another good result to wake up to in Sydney (and another £5 to transfer from the holiday fund to the Trust ).

    Just a shame that we didnít manage to score a goal to take three points rather than one.

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    Have to be pleased with that result. Very frustrating to watch. I took over a thousand photos of pretty much nothing interesting. Can't be very enjoyable being an attacking player for us but they were a good side that kept us on the back foot. I have no idea how we are ever going to be able to compete with teams like that.

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    Get us home - Joe - spot on. If the game plan was to get a draw then job well done. They are high up the table but truthfully offered very little ( neither did we ) . I feel the goals against column will count at the end of the season and I would say my man of the match was JoJo no direct shots to save but his handling of crosses superb.

    Jake Jackson - Harry Williams watched the game as spectators- injured ?
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    A game to forget BUT we got a point more than teams around us!
    Smutty boys are lonely boys!

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    I was watching Gloucester play at Woking early afternoon (or for the modernists should I say PM), Gloucester Schools that is, and was chatting with Sir Bob of Owen who in between asking me where I got my roots done mused with me that a 0-0 would be a good result today. 0-0 should hardly ever be a result to wish for, but when each point could make such a difference then a pair of eggs will do.

    We can play the attractive expansive game next season when Cooky gets chance to work his coaching magic on the front men, and after I have sold my house and donated the proceeds to the playing budget. I haven't told Mrs S yet, but have acclimatised the family to our future 'austerity' by cutting up newspapers for the bathroom and banning fun. As part of the economy drive this afternoon we said goodbye to one of the chabby's dogs, abandoning it along the M3, although in hindsight I should have probably stopped the car before we said goodbye.

    If the funds needed cannot be raised by liquidising my assets, then I am more than prepared to turn to armed robbery to supplement the playing budgie. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be one of those nasty dangerous robbers, I'd be a gentleman robber (like Ronnie Biggs) who would persuade the garage forecourt attendant to part with their money through the force of my personality, and my winning smile. And my plans do not stop at the playing budget, I plan to nick a whole football stadium to support our move back home. But please don't tell anyone I told you this.

    If crime doesn't pay, and who says that it doesn't, then I will even consider selling my body for the good of the club. My mate Gary does driveways up in the Cotswolds, plenty of rich bored housewives, he tells me that he's made a good wedge out of tarmacing. The only problem he says is that it freaks him out when they don't put their teeth in, but personally I can see some advantages in that.

    I just hope that they put a plaque in the new clubhouse to recognise what I might do for this club.

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    If you do sell the house youíll be the next Ken Selwyn. But beware, not many remember him

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    Steady Phil. I think Shandy’s been on the wacky backy again.

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    Not true. I don't drink. Haven't since 3rd June 2017.

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